🏰 Esme – 5* Ice/ Blue from Clash of Knights

They won’t make or buff any better healer now that Diaochan exists. With the lowest drop rates and her portal being almost gem exclusive, she is most expensive (and OP) hero of the healer category now.

It’s not like she or any other knight needed any buff, be honest. Whoever thinks they needed buffs is saying that because they own them.

Most of them are instant win after firing and only one is slow.

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How’s that fiend meta going, haha?

There are multiple options to deal with it…

i pulled her, maxed her, emblemed her because i dont have another sorcerer worth embleming and had like over 3000 emblems laying around.
she has a very special application and purpose
i only use her on my blue mono team where i am overpowered and need another healer to keep me alive for a bit lover

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I leveled esme to 3/70, played around with her and i like her. Yes she only removes fiends and heals, but she does it well enough that you dont need to worry about those fiend summoners. More depth to my roster :slightly_smiling_face:

All the hate she gets must be from proud owners of Elizabeth :smile:


The problem with Esme is that she is a niche healer (fiend counter) that doesnt fulfill that niche very well:
She is slower than Hannah, and same speed as Elizabeth, and if Elizabeth fires first then Elizabeth has done her job of stalling mana regardless of whether Esme is ready soon afterwards.
Most niche counters at least punish the opposition, all Esme does is heal a bit more if there are fiends on the board. No cleanse, no overheal (unlike 4 star Wang!), no meaningful buff, no minions, etc.
She is the weakest 5 star healer in the game

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For myself, i have level 23 mana troops, with a decent board, shes waiting for Elizabeth. She heals the damage done and removes the fiends, which makes Elizabeth and any other fiend hero useless against my team. And you do have other heroes, do you take just the one hero and expect it to punish the opposing 5 heroes? Lol… To each his own in how they play :slightly_smiling_face:

Of course i would rather snipe heroes out before they can fire, but realistically, how many here can field those pay walled heroes that can end battles in a hurry.

I assume she in good option for final ascend when I have Ludwig last time, if only for family bonus? Otherwise since those fiends are literally becoming omnipresent she’ll come handy …

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I seriously don’t get the hatred towards her. I have maxed mine and find her super useful in war. I wouldn’t be upset if she got a buff, sure. But I’m happy with her as is.


Personally I don’t see it as hatred, but more of criticism that she is very niche and weaker than other healers when fiends are not involved, while the rest of the CoK 5* are very strong and useful in many more situations.


I get what you say. But I read a few posts above that Esme sucks, and she’s bad.

That sounds different from how you put it.

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There will always be some people that will be exaggerating or are used to express their criticism in absolute terms. But most often also these people just form their opinions based on the contrast with the other heroes from the event and some other heroes. Hell, I read opinions that Ninjas suck in general and I don’t mean Jade, but Cobalt and Onyx…

I have her and I can tell that she saved my life against Elizabeth, Hannah and other fiend makers

She takes the fiend away and after this heal 40%.

Nothing to complain

It’s a niche hero for matches against fiend makers but it’s alright


niche like her is ok for a 4*

but 5* she doesn’t offer anything outside her niche (even her heal is just ok)

look at Arco for example, he does what esme do but MUCH better and is useful outside fiends.

esme needs to have +50% raw healing, boosted healing or protection against fiends regardless to be more useful

she is the only wolf family hero with conditional buff


Arco is leagues above her when it comes to fiend control. I actually feel angry that Esme is in this state


Yeah - do an inverse Eloise at the very least: “If the ally had fiends, they will be immune to fiends for 4 turns”

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I see your point.

I only bring her to the match when I’m supposed to face Fiend Makers

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Even Wang yuanji does it better as a 4*, just because WYJ overheals

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i really want to max her but couldn’t get myself to do it.
i dislike heroes who are too niche (esme needs fiends to be present 1st).

definitely! even being slow

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Look at two other recent healers released and you see just how bad Esme is.

  • Hulda - a monster of a tank and heals. Mana boost, defense boost, heal every turn. One of the strongest tanks in the game.
  • Diaochan - fast speed, 50% heal if you count the minions, minions steal buffs

Esme does… just a heal. Oh, and she blocks fiends, but at average speed so Elizabeth or Hannah may very well still fire first. There’s a reason you see Esme about once a month. Because nobody levels her because she SUCKS.

Lady Woolerton is better. A fast 4* hero who also heals 40%.

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