🏰 Esme – 5* Ice/ Blue from Clash of Knights

As you have guessed… yes.

So basically you are just upset that she doesn’t do more and not telling she is a waste out of fighting minions?

About the healing I agree but from your posts I got that you were talking more about extra effects instead of minion’s immunity.

After getting her and thinking for a couple of days, I think you are all right :smiley: Esme is great against fiends generators which dominate the meta in top alliances now, but otherwise she is mediocre (Lady Wollerton also heals 40% and is fast).

I still am not decided whether to max her or not, although in the poll in a different post I made to decide if I should choose her vs Alexandrine or Magni, 65% of the people voted for her.

For now I will take her to 3.70 and follow the evolution of the meta. I am in a top 500 alliance and lower diamond (2400-2600) and I see a lot of fiend generators on defense in raids, but not so many fiend generators on war defense (I have not counted so far, but my estimate is 5-10/29-30 on average per alliance) .

On the other hand I don’t think Alexandrine is so spectacular either if I compare her to Costume Kiril and Jott. Most people got really excited for her for the titans and her passive that counters Bera, but again, that is also a niche skill (ofc that is another debate :slight_smile: ).

LE I talked about Esme and Alexandrine because they are the only 5* Ice heroes I have


I have been saying this from the beginning already. Obviously in a fiend battle, she’s going to useful and is nothing but a vanilla Hawkmoon outside of fiends.

I would also argue that even in a fiend battle, she is barely an upgrade to a 5* Hawkmoon. Nothing more, nothing less. Her entire niche if you can breakdown to simpler terms is that she can heal 40% health without the hindrance of fiends, no more extra support. And she can at least heal some health against a fiend spawner that’s paired with, say Vanda.

As you can see from my criticisms, I just find her poorly designed.

As someone who regularly runs into Elizabeth, Hannah, and the occasional 5☆ purple Slayer in Wars, I’m sorta happy to have pulled a dupe Esme.

Though i would honestly have preferred any of the other 5☆ knights.


I think Esme is a well balanced hero, her ability to destroy fiends is a powerful metacall and without fiends she is just mediocre. I would and will still max her cause i have 18 scopes. So there is space in my roster for a more niche Hero and as i have to chose between her and Alexandrine, honestly i think she is better.

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Who cares outside of Fiend…
what are we, 3 year olds… cribbing primitively, about Esme’s healing capability… she is designed for a purpose & that she delivers better than so called top healers… w.r.t. that purpose & she heals full 40 %… while the healers struggle to heal at all !!! :rofl:

I am amazed how jumble - mumble confusions of hero specials is created on this forum, clearly forgetting the purpose that hero was created / designed for… & totally wrong - out of logic comparisons made… WoW !! :rofl:

Well, enjoy… :rofl:

(Have you pulled Esme, or are giving theoretical expert opinions ?! Just curious)


Wow, for me, that is a kindergarten level opinion (I am still giving the opinion a respectful level rating).

Have you pulled Esme, played OR faced her with a Fiend hero?

I get a feeling, answer is a : NO,
comparison to Hawkmoon wouldn’t be done at ALL… simply reading the hero card exposes your opinion being untrue.

It is important to NOT fall for poor quality opinion…

When it comes to healers, each has been designed with requisite charging speed for a purpose.

  • Ariel is average, heals 40%, cleanses & boosts mana
  • ToXicandra is fast, heals some 20% (low), cleanses & gives mana without tiles
  • Xnolphod is average, heals 32%, adds 20% mana to all
  • AleX heals, buffs bue tiles critical % & self heals from ailments
  • Esme kills fiends, 40% heal & immunity from fiends.

Just these healers = all are superb & serve a purpose …

  • Ariel, ToXi, Xnolphod struggle against fiends = heal is almost nothing, cleanse is irrelevant but are superb against other plays & hence rated as good.

So these are just heroes who are for use against specific plays… which how the meta is today with HIGH variety of heroes !

If one wants to make one healer to be used against all, well it won’t work becoz, one healer can’t be given : high heal % + cleanse + debuff + kill fiends + kill minions + boost health ++++++++ as some seem to want…

My personal preference from play is Esme before Alex… because I will use Esme daily in raids + war + tournaments for sure in offence !

Congrats on pulling Esme !


I agree, I am trying to look though at which hero would have the most usability for my roster. For example if I had Ariel, I would for sure level her because she’s the best all-around healer. Having only 10 maxed 5*, I cannot afford to direct the few mats I have towards many niche heroes.

I am working to get her to 3.70 and I will see how useful she’d be for me in wars, which are my priority. My guess though is that her anti-fiend special has more usability depending on the alliance you’re in (if you encounter many alliances with a lot of Elizabeth/ Hannah/ Senan/ Motega on war defense) or where you are in the raid arena. However for raids she does not seem so important for me as she could be in wars.


Good points & totally agree, that its always a roster based decision.

Please check the war teams you face & which hero would you want to take on. Also, where would you get benefit in raids against certain heroes you avoid.

In the end, the meta is developing into a multiple skilled hero delivery. So check what your other non-healer heroes deliver in terms of :

  • Cleanse
  • Debuff
  • Buffs / boosts

These heroes will go with specific healer for the play.

Many times,

  • I take Gazelle / Glenda for the cleanse & the healer for heal + debuff.
  • Take Ariel for cleanse & Onyx for debuff
  • I will do the same with Esme who goes for fiend kills & heal, some one else will cleanse.

In the end its the 5 heroes together & not healer’s job to cleanse - debuff & also give massive heal. SG has designed specific heroes for playing multi-roles !

good luck with decision making !


The immunity against fiends is only useful against 2 or more fiend summoners.

Otherwise timing is usually such that Liz or Hannah are recharging while you are immune.

Next year noone will be fiending anyway.

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I’m just so happy I was luck enough to pull her. I tend to come across a lot of teams with Elizabeth and/or Hannah and tend to avoid them. She will give me a reason to take this challenge, plus she will be great in rush attack tournaments against summoners.

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I think anyone that maxes her and uses her vs the Elizabeths and Hannah’s of the world will be quite pleased. The instant fiend eradication, full heals and protection afterwards is good stuff. It neuters them entirely. Ive seen more than a few posts complaining about Elizabeth…despite knowing full well the counter arguments…
Granted, its a niche hero, but so is Skadi. I really really enjoy bringing Skadi vs a Telly, etc. I dont use Skadi every match, but can I live without her now? Nope. These special heroes will find love in many places eventually. No, it’s not Quenell or Ludwig and thats disappointing, but its far from bad.


Because it is simply true. That Esme is nothing but a glorified 5* Hawkmoon outside of a fiend battle. When you still have staples like friggs, Odins, morels, alrikes, running rampant in raids, you really want just an average 40% healer that can do nothing as your healing support?

And I’m the one with the kindergarten opinions? I’ve meet raid teams in all walks of life. I’m seen teams with Liz and Hannah, I’ve still seen teams with full S1 snipers. Old Gen hotm powerhouses, the list goes on. And I can tell you from experience, fiend battles do not dominate the entire raid scene from where I’m from. Teams with Liz and Hannah, I’ve won my share of matches against those two with my go to team, with a slow healer some more.
You seem to have this stigma that I bash this hero’s niche to the hills, that is simply half-true. I’ve stated umpteen times I know what she can do in a fiend battle. Appreciate her skill to an extent, although they could have done more. It’s just that when she goes into a fiendless battle or transitions into a fiendless match, that’s 2/3 dead skills on her.

The card says it all. You think I just started playing this game a week ago, and don’t know what I’m talking about when I’m inferring about cards?
I don’t need to pull her to know that she’s underwhelming outside of fiends. I can also compare my other healers that can do way more than her outside of a fiend battle, like Ariel and rigard.
I’ve already blown 150 dollars on this portal to get nothing, you think I print money…yeah I’ll see myself out if she comes popping later. 200 dollars just for a glorified Hawkmoon…geez


Her art is horrible
Her face looks like its drawn by a 5 yr old

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I don’t know if you are serious or not but it’s not Vivica’s dispel but her heal that removes minions.

Umm… few points wrong here.

deleted my entry nvm, sorry for confusion, also flag this post for removal


This is exactly the mentality of ‘you don’t have the hero so you better stfu’. A very kindergarten mentality I would say.
Btw I sunk in more money and gotten quenell just now, thank you very much. Because of this I don’t need to chase any of these legendaries anymore. Certainly not this hero.

Wow zero value…you are arguing with your emotion at this point.
What I have said, other people in this thread has pointed out as well. They understand her strengths and accept her weaknesses. Some have even pointed out her weakness that I have not considered. None of this has been speculation or theories from the beginning, this are all facts stated on the card. Which you refuse to accept. I’m just blunt about it.

That’s if I can even find an Esme on defence. Because she’s only meant for offence. And you contradict yourself here. If you can read the card, then why are you so oblivious about her flaws? And refuse to accept that she’s not stellar outside fiends?

Out of touch? :rofl: don’t make me laugh. Never missed a day in the forums since 2 years ago learning about new heroes and stuff and you’re saying I’m out of touch just because I don’t agree with your mindset on fiends. So apparently the teams comprising of s1 snipers I face constantly in raids are out of touch huh? Regular Cleanse and dispel are out of touch too?

Let’s face it, the only reason why you’re targeting me and me only is because I keep addressing her as a 5* Hawkmoon. And that’s your gripe at me, gripe that I considered this beloved fiend counter of yours as nothing but a glorified hawkmoon
I’ve stated my piece of argument already and overstayed my welcome because honestly I can criticize her till the cows come home about how poorly designed she truly is. But nobody wants a downer like me. So I’ll leave it to here, won’t be replying to anymore of your posts because you just don’t get it.

Have a nice day to you too.


Congrats for getting the nature hero. Hopefully now the grapes get a bit sweeter for a bitter you.
Spending is a personal choice & degrading it = degrading yourself = u showed yourself !

Your lacking-logic = your emotional #blah (you know what that is) was given my rating, so why crib when you get it back !

Theoretical talk gets that kinda reply. You expecting a hero to give you everything & then you will call / grade it good… had me in splits… as if I or anyone cares !

Finally, ONLY reading hero cards & not having a clue about hero context, again showcased you.

You labelled yourself, I needn’t do anything :rofl: enjoy the nature hero, don’t hater her !

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