🏰 Esme – 5* Ice/ Blue from Clash of Knights

@Tidyup I totally get what you are saying. For me Esme is an offensive healer vs. defensive which is what I like about her. She is going to be situational for sure. I have Prof Lindenbrock who I thought was the healer extraordinaire but when she is up against Vivica-C her heals are eliminated.

We now even have attack heros with some sort of healing passive abilities like Nadezhda Motega, and even Wolfgang for addition.

Esme is strictly a fiend exterminator bug zapper!

Healers and mana boosters are going to become more situational in the meta.


Guess what, she got the nerf hammer immediately. There are new revealed heroes out there now that can handle fiends even more efficiently. Although they are hitters.
This is exactly what I’m talking about saying she’s still experimental


Agree: she is built for three heros: Liz, Hannah, and Senan. Once the meta switches off fiends she will be a very subpar healer. I personally wouldn’t max her if I got her.

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Until they buff her healing to 50-60%, she is complete garbage

I will go to 3 x 70 and for now stop there.

Have Alex waiting for scopes too.

Also got Quinell. Sad that I have Fogg at 3x70 and just maxed Christobal.

Getting too quick for me.

Congrats on Esme.

I now have Esme - LudwiG & WoldganG in the roster. Should be FuN when they go out hunting together !

Despite decimal level calculations being spoken about, if I overlook Fiends removal / immunity - Esme is designed as a fairly good healer with balanced stats to survive & also decent attack nos.

Having one Esme in roster helps deal with Fiend team in war & many in raids. Fiends ain’t going away soon.

I have other ways to improve team buffs, so I would personally give scope to Esme before AleX to impact roster.


Shes quite useful on War i think, when a lot of defensee have fiend generators. At thr moment, shes all we have.

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Wolfgang is far better then Ludvig. We will see how many top 100 players will use Wolfgang and how many Ludvig. Probably none will use Ludvig on defence, he can have his place in war def.
Ludvig= Zulag on steroids
Quenell also far better…

As a player who has just one 5* healer, I am happy to get her and I will definitly level up her :slight_smile:


Yes. Spent tonns - I got her. Wanted anyone else badly - doent more - git a dupe. Enraged. Spent a lot more the next day - git a 3rd one! WTF - wish I don’t meet any of the devs in a dark ally…

I have said it before, I might get 3 Esme’s. Guess my curse of Esme has been transported to a random person like you

I am Lmao :rofl: at those calling Esme mediocre / not good, etc… maybe you don’t know how to read / understand simple hero card.

  1. First kills Fiends = no healing loss. If she healed first & then killed the HP would be reduced…
  2. Heals 40% = good % & since Fiends r dead, all healing goes to HP
  3. Gives immunity from Fiends for 4 turns = Protects HP loss for 4 turns from next Fiends attack. Multiple Fiend heroes are rendered useless…

PRACTICAL fiend experience: Ariel heals but her team healing is considerably reduced bcoz, most of it is taken by the fiends,
Esme kills the fiends = all the 40% healing goes into HP of her team ! How difficult is it to understand this !!!

Since I already have many buff boosters, I would level up Esme before AleX or even 2nd Ariel = To have a useful tool to deal with Fiends, that are everywhere…

Seriously, I am amazed at the analytics being done or easily - clearly missed out ! Wonder why ?


And multiple minions would make healers other than Esme null, not even dispelling eventual minion’s effects.

I’m pretty sure no one’s complaining about her in a fiend battle. But she’s really mediocre at best outside of fiends and that’s everyone’s gripe. Outside of fiends, she heals one of the lowest health for a standard healer. 40% without any further support, no cleanse, no dispel. On an average mana speed mind you. She is literally as I mentioned, a 5* Hawkmoon outside of fiends. Imagine aiming for a 5* hawkmoon at this day in age
There really is no synergy of skills for her, they’re just slapping on anything that makes her a niche to fiends. If she already destroys fiends in the first place, then why make another redundant skill that resists fiends? This is such a huge waste of a skill slot tbh
They can’t even work something creative around her niche like reversing the spider’s mana slow into mana gen for 3 turns before she destroys it. Or the skulls attack down into +34% attack up. No, instead she just resist fiends, and it’s conditional furthermore.
She is an experimental hero at best, especially when there is already a new hero in beta now that can handle fiends just as efficiently as her


A great asset in Fiend-infested battle, but otherwise she just heals. Ariel heals, cleanses and speeds up mana generation. Raphael is slower but heals much more (especially low-HP heroes) and also cleanses. Alex gets a lot of slack but she is consistently useful for red titans and that crit on tiles is also handy otherwise. She’s too niche in my book.

To not make her allies being affected by subsequent casts?

You earned a spot on my list!

But she destroys them already. And if she resists the fiends, what’s the point of destroying when there’s no fiends to destroy. This particular scenario only really works when you start off with a bad board against multiple fiend spawners and you have fiends shooting at you left and right. If you’re only fighting against 1 fiend spawner, you really don’t need that much fiend support

She destroys them to allow her to fully heal without any reduction and then she makes her team immune to them. Even if she wouldn’t be able to cast her special again they would still be safe, so it’s a handy skill to have.

In the war teams I’m facing there is at least a minion summoner for every defending team and being able to clear multiple minions before healing save lives.

Saying that she is a glorified Hawkmoon is like saying that Eiora and Fluffy are just an Event version of Lianna when no minions are around, right?

Ok, it’s easier to get minions due to war rules but still…

Then it’s really enough for a fiend counter tbh. She could have done way more than that. Just wasted potential

You mean fiend summoners?

This is where you’re wrong, apples to oranges comparison. Healers need some sort of general support to contribute to the team all the way. While snipers, they can be slapped with any additional skill and it’ll just be a perk to use them. You won’t say there is too much snipers that do the same thing isn’t it?
Outside of minions, event eiora can double as a sniper that compensates average speed for higher damage and attack than lianna who is fast speed and slightly ‘easier’ to get. Event Esme outside of fiends (or after all fiend spawners have been killed off) only heals 40% on average speed with no extra effect, you rather use rigard at this point
Ariel does way more than her for 40% and she’s an S2 hero. Even alexandrine who heals lesser than her has other practical uses.
Look, I’m not even demanding much now. If any of Esme’s future buffs makes her heal at least a 48%, not even a 50%-60% range as I proposed, I’ll gladly shut my mouth

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