Escaped Titan whith Harpons

We filled level 1 Harpoons Titan didnt drop parts

All explained and thanks all for help


Personally can’t say I’ve had this issue before. Usually get 1 part on escaped titans for all but A ranking (which normally gets 2 for bigger titans) - there is a thread which has a graph of the normal parts for various tiers if you search hard enough.


Check your recent activity:
Options -> Support -> recent activity

That will show titan parts if you got any.

If there’s nothing there I’d launch a support ticket, having the above SS and one of your recent activity not showing the parts.


Did you leave alliance or killed other titan in the last 20hrs?
If you had reduced loot tier you wont get titan parts…

We. Killed rare before than we let this escape but filled whith haproons level 1

So if you hit the titan at least 1 time and didnt have reduced loot tier you should get at least 1 part…
So submit a ticket as @Guvnor said above

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I just did thanks for the suport all

Can you show the damage you did? If you are below 1% of titan HP you get reduced loot.

I dont have that picture but many from the alley didnt get maby all members not only me because soe didnt replay what they got yet

I helped a alley gave them three flags but didnt stay came 11h before this one escape

Even at loot tier I (lowest available) you get 1x titan part of the alliance reached tier 1 of Harpoons

Only reason I’ve found that you don’t get parts is if you’ve collected loot twice in the last 20 hours.

Ah ok. Well you sound like a merc? You probably killed the titan before in another ally less than 20 hours ago. A screenshot of your loot would mke it easy to point out.

Im not a merc I just helped a hand didnt stay for loot

If you kill a titan while switching alliance you will get reduced loot when the timerange is between 20 hours.
But as you did not stay for loot im not quite sure if that is the problem. Probably it has sth to do with ally switching

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