Errors in war score

Hi. I believe that with the last update, you have touched the score of the war. I believe that there is an error with the war score assigned to our alliance.
Our alliance is called Legion Fenix ​​and We believe that there is an error in the calculation of the score. Please, check

According to the official v. 22 release notes:

The War Score is now included in the Alliance Score. There has been no change in how the War Score is calculated except that we divide it by six. The War Score now makes up roughly one third of the Alliance Score together with the Trophy Score and the Titan Score.

Hoping this answers to your question!


That is what the note of the update of the version says, but that is not the case. After the update our score in war is double and our rivals are so strong that they do not We can attack. I show you picture of score before the war. The team remains the same

It appears correct to me.

Before v 22: War score = 282506
After v 22: War score = 46593, which is very close to 282506 / 6 = 47084

Maybe I didn’t understand what you mean.


Thank you. What I want to say is that the rivals of these last two wars are so strong that we can not attack them. I believe that there is an error in our war score

Their alliance doesn’t look stronger than your

How many wars your alliance won earlier in a row? Every won war makes your enemy stronger.

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They had 7 teams of a power greater than 4.0. We only two. We have already lost three wars and our score increases instead of decreasing. We attack with 6 shots

You can’t look only on def teams. War score is based on:
-30 strongest heroes from every player
-strongest troop in every color
-earlier woned/failed wars

Is your ot their alliance have 1 colour tank or another strategy? This can make difference in war score.

How high are points/attack in your and their alliance?
How many flags used your and their alliance?

Ofcourse, sometimes war matchmaking is bad but this hapen rare now.

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We use the 6 flags, they had many unused flags. It is the third continuous war that we have that problem

Thanks for your help. What I want to explain is that we have our strongest heroes as war defense teams. If we can not form 7 teams 4.0 it’s because we do not have those heroes. Our heroes are much weaker than rivals. That has happened to us in the last 3 wars. That’s why I say that there is some error in the war score

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