Error with Shared Damage and -/+ defense [SOLVED: Working as Designed]

If you strike a group utilizing shared damage and a + defensive buff (for example Kailani) with a -% defensive strike (for example Tiburtus), it will both DISPELL the +% defensive buff and replace it with a -% defensive debuff leaving shared damage active with only the -% defensive debuff.

So, for example:

  1. Allied card Kailani casts spirit link. Damage is shared amongst your allies and the group gets +63% defense for 5 turns.
  2. Enemy card Gill-Ra casts Lament of Regression adding -34% defense to your whole group.
  3. The result of this SHOULD be your team has shared damage, +63% defense, and -34% defense.
  4. However, what happens is that the defensive buff is replaced and you are left with only shared damage and -34% defense for the whole group.

Well, that is how the defense buff / debuff is intended to work. And it has nothing to do with the Spirit Link effect. They are separate entities. Defense buffs and debuffs overwrite each other, they do not simply offset.


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