Error with atlantis summon

I tried to purchase an atlantis gem pack and during the purchasing process something went awry and while the money was still deducted I did not recieve the gems and tokens. After that whenever I want to purchase another pack it says I already have this item and I am stuck.

Did you reboot the app already? Sometimes helps

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Happened me too a couple of weeks ago. After a couple of hours the items turned up and I could do further transactions. I rebooted the app in the process (generally make sure you actually end the app process on your phone, so it doesn’t just hides in the background), but I don’t think that mattered.

I did also delete the app cash memory of Google Play/pay, as suggested somewhere regarding this problem, and I think this is a Google app ‘problem’ rather than E&P app problem.

Wait for some hours and contact SG if it doesn’t fix itself. If you’re hunting Kunchen you might want to contact SG immediately, but the chance of getting a reply on such short notice is not good…

I did try rebooting but did not help. After waiting for a while I received the pack. Thanks both of you and SG.

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You will have to open a ticket.
There is nothing the forum can do for you in this matter.

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