Error server in war attack

Hi there…our player lossing war puntes bicos when attack after 1 second butting out with 0 point…writhing Server error…whay?got twise 0 point its not good…

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I have often the same problem. Today is the third time I lost my attacks in a war and I lost some titan energy because of server issues or other connection problems… I think the game could give back attacks in these cases. Please find a solution!!!

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We lose because of this error. Already the third time one of us attacks and error server and 0 points

I am both new to the game and the forum, please forgive my ignorance. I am trying to figure out how go report a big I am experiencing but for the live of me can’t figure out how to create my own report. Twice now while doing the elite training I have not received any hero at all.

dst help this sopport…we had another 2 points 0…(((and lossing war for this problem