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I’ve been trying to buy today’s special offer and unable to. It comes out with an error and suggestion to try later “your purchase cannot be completed, contact iTunes support” and then “purchase failed to an unexpected error. Please, try again later” I called my bank, thinking it could be a problem with my card. But everything seems completely fine, the transactions don’t appear in their system and they say is a local problem with the app. So. I want the special, hahaha please, fix the bug

Reboot your phone and try again

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Done. But nothing :frowning:

Redo your informaation in itunes store, in settings. This happened to me a couple of times in the past and that is how I solved it

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Thanks. I’ll do that just now. Let you know :slight_smile:

Nothing :sob: i tried buying a new application in the apple app store and everything worked fine. Tried again in the game and gave me the same error :cry:

I have the same problem with Google. no problem spending on other games, it only appears when I try to buy something in this game!?

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I solved it buy calling straight to apple and adter half an hour with two technicians, problem solved. No idea what was it. The last guy said he had to “purge the system”? Or something like that…

Purging helps my system every now and then come to think of it…

I can’t buy anything. It appears a message of error from the game. I have tried to buy in other app and it is ok. Please help me and sorry for my bad english.

Hello Fer.
I called apple support and they fixed it in the system.
If you do several purchases in the game, their system blocks you for security.
Try calling them.

Saludos :slight_smile:

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