Error mision no completed


When I was doing a mission on the map, I went to another internet window and when I came back I restarted the game and I spent the energy but I did not give me a reward, exp … etc

Help me please!!


If you leave the game for too long—while in the middle of a mission—it will default to a loss, and you’ll get nothing for that round.

I try not to leave missions running while I step away. :wink:


I got zinged by that once. Someone called during the battle. Bad words might have been spoken after phone call was completed…


Hi! I’ve completed Season 1 and can no longer farm for items, play or level up. Is this a bug? Is there a fix? Or…did I move too fast.

Is there a way to unlock Season 1 so I can participate?

Help :{


You should have access to ALL of Season 1 upon completing it. Have you tried turning your game off and on again? Phone off and on?

If it’s still locked up, that’s a glitch, and you’ll need to contact Game Support:


Hi Rook!

Yes, I have done all of those things, as well as submit a ticket to

I did find that I can access the map via the Titan battles which helps for

Thank you for responding with confirmation.

Have a great evening on purpose!



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