Error in Tournament Log – Tournament Defense Attacks not Reported – Friend sent me a video of their Raid Tournament attack and it doesn’t show up in my Log

Earlier this morning, an alliance member raided me in the tournament. He won and sent me the video to prove it. The strange thing is, his raid does not show up in my defence tournament log. The raid occurred earlier today. My defence raid log goes back at least 2 days.

HIs name is ThreeEyedCyclops. Mine is LikeableThief2345

Not 100% sure on this but MAYBE there is a delay in defences appearing in your log/history?

@Petri and @EmpiresPuzzles any other suggestions?

Also @paul1, if you can upload the video to YouTube (or other such video hosting platform) and link here.

Also probably worth sharing a SS of your own Tournament Defence screen showing your name, defence team etc… as the final layer of proof.

also probably worth opening a support ticket

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Only the first 5 attacks in a day show/count in the Defense Log, then it’s limited to one per hour.

From the Raid Tournament Release Notes:

Further information from Small Giant Staff:


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This morning, I received a tournament attack video from a friend against my defense, however this was not reported in my defense attack history. Another person I know noticed the same issue. I believe some attacks on defense may be underreported resulting in inaccurate defense grades. Last tournament, only 2 attacks were reported on my defense. Can someone look into this? I have the user name available from today if needed.

It’s not specifically mentioned anywhere in game, but only a small number of hits are shown in the log.

It’s working as intended, just not explained.

If I can find the information on the forum, I’ll post it again.

@zephyr1, if you’re around, I’m sure you’ve explained this better before.


I remember seeing a message before in the Defenses tab that say “Only the last XX attacks are shown” or something like that. Don’t remember what is the number though, maybe 20 or 25


I probably explained it better somewhere, but the confirmation that it’s intended behavior is this:


You’re my hero, as always


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