Error in the Polish translation of the Sorcerer (Warlock) and Wizard classes

Hi dear support crew
I noticed a translation error regarding the class sorcerer and wizard. The sorcerer (czarodziej) is a worshiper of black magic, and the wizard (czarnoksiężnik) is the guardian of ancient knowledge. In Polish, (czarnoksiężnik) is an English warlock. Someone who draws strength from black magic, moreover, the pentagram is a kind of reference to this kind of magic. The Polish translation is the exchange of a sorcerer with a wizard. I can show print screenshots for proof.
Besides, in my opinion, the sorcerer should be a warlock and the wizard becomes a wizard then.
greetings Johnny Bravo


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Why you have to post same issue in 2 threads?

Hi, the topic may seem similar but in fact it concerns something else I’ve done 2 topics :-).
Johnny Bravo

The first topic concerns the emblems themselves and their description. The second is the names of the heroes’ classes. Believe me, despite the similarity, these are two errors.

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Hi dear support crew

I noticed an error in the description of the sorcerer and wizard symbols. The sorcerer symbol is used to improve the talents of wizards. The error occurs in the Polish translation.1


@Sara you may like to see this.

Merged it here.

@Petri, Be advised we have a rogue translation sighting above. :slight_smile:

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Thanks! :heart:

(out of hearts, as usual)

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I just want to confirm, it is quite annoying issue. Just need to swap those 2 names.

I see that I just lost time. Like the authors of posts : " Huge translation mistake in polish game version" and " Kageburado Polish description". Is there really no person who could remove these annoying mistakes in translating the game?
Johnny Bravo.

Polish translations have been lackluster over the years, often very confusing. Seriously, many people (me included) can help you for free if you need it.

Just found a handy dandy link from @Rook in another thread. There an official thread where translation errors can be posted.

You might want to post the errors and your suggestions there. The OP has given some helpful hints on how best to post the errors, so make sure to read the opening post.

Here’s the link… good luck!

Thank you so much for your help Lady Suzanne :-).

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