Error in the evolution of the Value Path

I reached near level 34, but it does not count in the evolution, it still shows that I am at level 33 at the beginning.

Your Valor Points show you at Milestone 33, on your way to 34.

Are you saying that you have Valor Points that weren’t counted?

Nope you are still at 33.
I have made it to 34. Now need 1270 you need 1250.

Yes. note that in evolution this is close to 34, But the bar above is not yet half full. Some points it seems it was not contact

The bar that goes down is always close to the number you are going to reach. This bar that goes downwards does not change depending on how many points you have cummulated. It will always stay at that same point.

Okay. I’ll keep an eye on the next ones to see if it’s normal or it was a mistake.

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