Error in summoning reward

Please watch reward for heroes summoning. Is it error?

Sorry can you be more specific in the error?

What did you do? What happened? What should have happened?

This is just a screenshot which shows PoV Progression…?

Did you see score for 5th level of summoning of hero? +225. It’s a +75 versus kill ducks. To kill ducks you must tap about 30 times. To summon 25 heros you need to wait for about 8 days to make summoning+kill 100 heroes to receive coin+kill 8 teams to receive coin - every of that 8 days…

Hi ssT1 , just some advice please stop smoking the good ■■■■.

The points awarded might seem low but are displayed correct. See here for reference: 🧭 Second Path of Valor Log and Discussion – Starts April 6

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I see. It enormous. The most of top-valors are not for all players. 275 summons it’s to big figure for most of players.

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