Error in raid matchmaking algorithm – FrancescoDarkness‘s feedback and discussion on Raiding

It’s not a coincidence, and the game mechanics has been explained to you many times in the past. Unfortunately you do not seem to want to listen to anything that contradicts your personal mindset.

I’m not sure what idea or feature request you are proposing in these ramblings, but I also am unsure where exactly it belongs.

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The mechanics were not explained to me because there was not always anybody to say, but I wanted to know why Sabrina would give me 600 points damage? And that was the only purple and had no ability added. These are things I don’t understand. And that’s no 20% plus. When I recalculate how it works those 20% so no one could add and explain.

If you are serious about playing the game, and frankly from your posts I really have no idea on that, please read through these links. Slowly and carefully, Multiple times. Think very carefully about what is being explained. If you still don’t understand then ask your question. Simply and clearly. Don’t ramble.

And with respect to how much damage heroes deal:

If you do all that I will try to explain further.

Who exactly is Sabrina? Sartana? Sabina? Who were they hitting for 600 damage?


If this has been goin on since june and nothing still makes sense

I advise reading everything nevarmor has linked

If it still doesn’t make sense then may want to look at another game. I hear AngryBirds is a blast

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Threads like this is why i play this game still. This is GOLD! :facepunch:

Anyways, according to you @FrancescoDarkness i should of lost all these fights. Let me remind you this is old AF as i was still using the Nina Harker avatar and i was only level 50ish, im now 73. Them were some garbage teams i was using. :joy:

I also watched those videos and yes everything looks good when it is filmed but the problem is elsewhere, I do not know how often you get up that you do not have stones but me often and I mean literally when I give a team like him that one or max two colors so it happens to me often that I don’t have a single stone on the whole surface of that color you can give the team what you want. And now I made a video where I intentionally let wo kongo charge to reveal how the opponents’ special skills work and once I gave the video how it works to me and it is a problem that they write to work at about.33% and that’s almost true when me 10% and 90% opponents this is a problem I don’t understand why they work for someone and why not for me?

I watched the videos, and it’s exactly what I write here, you come a totally different set of stones than me. I tried your tactics as you used in the video and gave the team the reds and got one to connect and then just a blank screen without a single red stone. I wonder how many times it happened to you not to have a single stone of color you play. I am not saying that I can not assemble the team but that there is no accidental placement of stones and do not work the abilities of the same for everyone. This is the problem and no 20% increased defense strength when attacking is crap. My wo kong never and repeat never gave damage to 1300 but my opponent 1700 already yes and this is crap and that my wo kong does not use the ability that I have already used to it all the time no one answered and in this are quiet and in support, but what you said when I put a video where it works almost 100% that …

Many times. Often after playing the one match-3 move I was given. I have never had a board START like that.

The trick is how to deal with it and change the board around. We all deal with “bad boards” more often than not. With the right team composition I can weather the storm and change the board in my favour to eventually win. And this is often against teams stronger than mine.

I go through periods where no matter what I do the board does not turn around and I lose too. It is very aggravating. Then i get a board where I will get a cascade on my colour on the first move and there are two opponents left.

Mind you, I once had a board with a diamond match in the first move that killed the tank and then got NO replacement colours that I needed and lost.

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I tried the technique of one max two colors as it was in those videach and it I can not play it I do not go as he shows on the videos I have so that three rounds on the opponent and I do not charge once. It also happens what you describe but that’s what I consider to be why it is not accidental because even weaker opponents I lose two times in a row because I hate nothing and then suddenly I do not even play and win the same thing is that it is every time I lose my glasses and then it’s just about psychology so you don’t just uninstall it as much as you can win something. The worst thing is that obviously a man of LV 35 with full heroes with 9-12 talents so obviously he puts a lot of money into it so I won’t lose or manage to charge anything. And even three rounds of planting and minus 100 cups and obviously he’s a weaker player but so coincidence is coincidence hahaha

When I attack I typically use two colours 3-2 formation (so 3 of one colour, 2 of second). The 3 will typically be the strong colour against the opponent tank (centre hero). If tank is red I use 3 blue. The 2 are then typically strong against the most dangerous flank. I also usually have one or two healers on my team to increase durability in case of a bad starting board. I also use heroes that support each other. For instance, Grimm and Richard (I have limited selection in my 5*). Grimm goes first to reduce opponent’s defence so Richard can hit harder. Firing Richard first would not be as effective. In blue my third hero is Ariel who heals and boosts mana generation to charge them back up faster.

There are many layers to this game, some of which I have barely scratched.

That’s all nice but probably not for everyone. When I give a team of two colors I lost at that moment because they will go to 100% of the opposite color, it was a time when I had 2500 cups but after my indirect criticism I can’t get over 2000 and now I met LV 29 and 19 talents and you can guess how it turned out. This is ridiculous, as some of the players are happy to play, and I haven’t managed to recharge one hero in half and it’s done. And then someone will tell me that they all have the same “random” stones. Sure. Interestingly, I will lose at least 4 out of 6 attacks, but my defense will win from 100 and 2. The game will wait until I lose 1600 cups and then it starts to look like I win easily in 1900 and then miracles stop working. While I did not write anything in the forum so it was not a problem even 2500 but probably have to write here praise. Whatever

Obviously your bad at board manipulation, its not like we can explain how to work a board…well i sure don’t have the patience for that.

I put my Heroes here so if someone tells me how to combine then I will try to thank

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When you level heroes are you just levelling everyone at the same time? You have a LOT of partially levelled 3rd and 4th tier heroes here. Stick to one of each colour until maxed.

Hel Seshat and Rigard are a great 3-stack in purple when all maxed. I’d get Rigard finished first as he’d be quickest.

Do you use Wu or Ranvir for titans? I’d pick one and not bother with the other at all.

Finish one Kiril.

Green, finish Melendor then Kingston.

Red, Falcon, then BT.

Who’s your defence tank?

Combining depends a lot on the opponent.


I have a lot of unfinished because I first got 4 heroes and then 5 heroes and do I use the Titan wo to get better? Thanks for advice

It’s best to finish the 4* heroes before starting on 5*. They are much quicker to max and will give you a solid core as you work on the 5*. Plus some 4* like Rigard, BT, Falcon, Melendor, Sonya, will continue to be useful even with a lot of 5*.

Are you in an alliance?


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