Error in Horghall description

Hello can you double check Horghall special’s description?

It seems to be trunkated (bazinga!) because some lines are missing.

Yeah it is Skittleskull’s special, it should be Horghall’s.

That is correct, he deals damage to all and reduces their attack. Period. It looks weak because you haven’t leveled his special yet.

I agree. It should have another line, just after “all enemies get -34% attack for six turns,” that reads:

•target is entangled and cannot attack for three turns

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He’s already a solid hero, though not top tier. Adding that would be way too strong - essentially an AoE Peters.

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You add that and he’d still be, I’d say, the third or fourth best nature legendary.

There’s a reason you don’t see him on the leaderboard.

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Here’s the fully leveled card:

Not sure what the OP thought the problem was. The formatting with the new scroll box does leave a lot of empty room at the bottom, but that’s just because they were more efficient in the layout.

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