Error in Alfheim special stage's ability sometime doesn't work?

As you can see, frog is not healed at all after step or two or three …

The bug seems to occur when the enemy is at very low life. If the enemy has 20% health remaining, the realm healing still takes place. However if the life is lower (I am not sure what the % is) then the healing doesn’t take place.

I think the special is only triggered once when it goes into low health, rather than every turn.

The phrasing is slightly different for those that take place every turn,

Screenshot_20201127-235533 Screenshot_20201127-235506

I thought that myself but noticed that:

  1. The heal would proc repeatedly over different turns (even consecutively) as long as the HP was low but did not hit the <10% threshold
  2. At times the heal would proc repeatedly on the same turn when the hero is hit multiple times by different specials. For instance, HP 25%, fire special 1, HP now <20%, Realm heal triggers and heals which takes the hero over 20%. Fire special 2, Hp now <20%. Real heal triggers AGAIN and heals hero.

At the moment this is super buggy.

Here are some videos:

  1. Video #1 demonstrating that the realm bonus doesn’t trigger.

  2. Video #2 again demonstrating realm bonus doesn’t trigger

  3. Video demonstrating realm bonuses working as you would expect

  4. Video demonstrating realm bonus triggering multiple times during the same turn

Ah ok then, sounds/looks like a big then

What I think is happening is that the special triggers everytime the health crosses the 20% threshold. Therefore if you do a small amount of damage, taking it to between 13-20% health, the heal will take it above 20% and the ability will reset and so next time it is hit, it will go below 20% and trigger again. This particularly happens with DoT which isn’t doing that much damage.

Once you get it below 13% the heal isn’t enough to reset the ability and it will stop working.

I think that’s consistent with the videos you’ve posted.

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I think find a bug with enemie who dont heal when they are low hp

And sometimes they heal two Times

I didn’t succeed in filming when they take care of each other twice but i think Bera had something to do with it

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