ERROR: 2 Titans at once

EDIT: Try this. :wink:

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I also saw this briefly pop up then go away once the software caught up

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Hapend 3 times to me

Please contact support. See link (open the article) above.

looks like you guys are so strong against titans that the dragon needed to call up th Gorgon Queen for backup. :slight_smile:


Happened to 2 of us in the alliance without seconds of each other

Who camed in her aid this time

This is what hapends when i push on the other titan


Verry interesting how it is this happend ?

I saw that earlier but my dog distracted me…when i got backed on, it was gone like magic…lolzzz😓 i didn’t had enough coffee

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I didn’t take a screenshot, but yesterdays titan (the one with the stars was overlayed on that medusa looking head. It was the strangest thing, but I had to hit that titan so I ignored it…

This glitch has been already reported elsewhere. Thanks for noting it!

Your titan called for backup. :grin::joy::grin: