💘 Eros - 5* Dark / Purple from Season of Love

Might be good to pair with Urthragan. Both very fast dark. 1-2 punch.

Pairs well with any other VF purple sniper, like Goretooth, Khonshu, Uthragen, Kage, etc. As you need someone who can act quickly within 2 turns :sweat_smile:

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Managed to pull this one from a quest token so…I can’t complain. Franz is very slow and for good reason. And VF makes Eros barely useable. If she atleast hit 3 then the 2 turns would be ‘okay’. If… she gave immunity ala Grazul or Vanda. If… she increased damage x50% to the ‘target’ she could make the titan team over Franz. She definitely could be better without overstepping the bounds.

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Eros at 3:70 helped me reach my 600k hit on yellow titan. Definitely gonna max and use on my fast purple team.


What other heroes you have used? I just pulled Eros from a free EHT token. Not sure if she adds anything to my roster.

I have Luna, Bera, CSeshat, Jett, C3 Sartana, CKage, Sharkhai, Sergei for EDD.

Do you have someone who does similar to Eros? Like Franz or buster? If not then Eros is worth it.

Just one gamer’s opinion

Game Well :sunglasses: :mechanical_arm: :desert_island:

I have buster and Quintin if he can be counted.

In that case I’d say she may well add a little something to your roster

Game Well :sunglasses: :mechanical_arm: :desert_island:

What was your team line up for this? I recently broke 400k and was elated about that. Thanks

She should be at 50% to be comparable with other heros. I Don’t see myskef maxing her.

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Quartz, Eros, Deadboot. That 3 stack equals 1 dead.

@ vf speed. I’m now working on kill squads.

Yeah but Khonshu + Goretooth and Eros + Jett is 2 heroes and also 1 dead. So 3 heroes isn’t particularly good for 1 hero dead.

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Hopefully SG will see the lack of use with this hero. Then maybe…well get atleast 3 turns out of her. At 4 turns she’d be a waste @ equalizer. (she needs help)

Who is on that team?

She flies :heart: in :exclamation::grinning:


I am still not seeing her added value in my teams.
Is there someone who is using her actively?

I guess that the tumbleweeds and crickets show me there is no love at all for Eros.
Really bad for a fresh new hero that has just been released and nobody sees any added value in a team for her…

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She was the one Season of Love hero I got - last year I got Pthonus. The game won’t give me decent purples any more, but it will give me these! (although I’m finally levelling the P man as he’s turned out to be surprisingly robust / useful)

She’s very fast - yay!
Modern stats - yay!

And that’s where it stops. The damage will be nice, but isn’t game changing and not worth prioritising. I guess you could build a team around her to help take down some 5* troop monsters, but she’s unlikely to help against the toons because they’ll likely resist the damage enhancer. And when it’s only for 2 turns, you’ve got to be exceedingly careful with the timing.

When Franz does it to everyone, for longer - even at very slow - why give her mats?

She could have been like cKage - who has greater application - the pre-debuff is great - and the prevent buff is a nice booster. In Eros’ case, her additional skill is meant to be the selling point.

Things they could do:

Add a ‘Khonshu’ style mana boost if the enemy is defeated in those two turns. That makes it more fun and means she’d be ready to go again, potentially.

Or a Himeros style special boost for nearby

Or a ‘love bug’ fiend which works like Fortuna’s and applies attack down.

Or have a love bug minion which cuts mana by 5%

Or increase the damage enhancer to 3 turns

Or have the damage stack, like Turgruk (but do it in 10% rather than 5% - or add an attack boost at the same time)


One of my mates is pumped to level her for that damage boost at fast. I still just don’t see the value for the time and effort to level her. We’ll see if she gets a nerf but I think she’d get a lot more kudos with a lower damage boost over more turns. 2 isn’t enough to line everyone else up often enough to say that that part of her special can make her a daily player.
She’ll sit on my bench till there’s a nerf

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