🦉 Eron – 5* Fire / Red from Owl Tower

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@MountainMann , what are your impressions so far? I just started the long leveling process & curious what waits on the other side.

Happy gaming! :cupcake:

@Kvothe I’m loving him so far. Awesome damage, the shifting mindless and defense down is just so great.

I think even as the built in damage nerf as time goes on , the shifting mindless will still make him a great weapon.

And the new " stop nautica " buff is a great addition


Thank you! Always appreciate your insights @MountainMann . Shifting MA is great, though I have it with Bubbles, Medea & Waddles. The DD to all looked promising as I read the card & that stop Nautica bump is what made me start leveling.

I agree this one could age just fine. I’ll keep going with it. Cheers!

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Eros is not game breaking, but a very good support card. The damage is usually between 750 to 1300 ish depending on the setup. The shifting mindless is useful on non-toons, clerics and monks and if you have a peppermint they can do a lot of damage together. If you have other reds that synergize Eros is a kill switch.

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dont have to test but his def down will active secondary effect of peperflame if is overwrited ?i think this duo could be strong

yes, That is a nasty synergy which will leave one card dead for sure and 2 others relatively dead.

Quick video


thanks,as i think it is killing duo,thanks :croatia::croatia:

I have added the new passive to the OP.