Erlang Shen - 5* Holy / Yellow from Journey family

I’m sure someone will be murdered over this. They’re like water and oil, they can’t mix

Then according to your theory THOR should be greatest candidate of this debate

After further testing, this was technically incorrect.
Firing this man’s skill again at the same target during the duration will instantly deal additional damage.
This is likely to be controversial later.


Now that is really darn interesting. And technically it makes sense - the status effect is replaced!


This is not the first time, Gullinbursti used to do that with his own skill, and he was way too powerful especially on rush. So they changed it, even though it was technically correct and within the pig’s rules to do it

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Looks like it’s okay for 5*. Not okay for 4*. Let’s see what happens after.

Can anyone provide this hero’s title (click the magnifying glass and see the next page)? Normally I have been successful getting this info for the wiki from Facebook but this one has eluded me. Thanks in advance.

@djp1997 from a friend of mine


They would just use Goku from DBZ instead :rofl:

It gets even crazier. If you reapply the debuffs before it’s finished that counts as a dispel.

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Yeah he’s like piggie.