⚖️ Erebus - 5* Fire / Red from Tower of Styx

But he’s broke !!! Minions are still summoned by a dead hero !!! They know this. They’ve known this since release but we r still here scratching our heads at why they can’t resolve the issue once & for all !!!

Yes but I bet they see he kills more often then not. I have him at +16 and if I hit charge 2 there is no one left standing.

But with the high damage to x3 or to all in some cases, that the new shiny heroes do, I just don’t see snipers being that effective anymore. Sure they can work but the meta has shifted. It won’t be long before there’s a 400% damage to x3 plus a load of buffs or ailments !!! You need to kill as many as possible as quickly as possible as in some cases u can’t afford for the enemy to fire their game changing special & a sniper ‘may’ take 1 out but it’s only 1. With mats being so rare using them on a hero that only snipes because the special is broke is a hard decision for me & 1 that I haven’t made & I won’t be doing so unless he’s fixed or they change his special to something obviously less complicated for them to implement !! Hope he keeps working for u & u have great success with him. I’m holding off taking him past 3-70 until something changes. It certainly says a lot when the poll consensus earlier in the post favours a Hotm over a so called premium paid for hero !!! A sniper that does a lot more to boot.


Well, good news, Erebus will be fixed this time next week. Looks like v56 will finally take care of this issue


I know that there is general anti-sniper sentiment around, but sheesh Erebus throws pretty hefty damage in six tiles (even without any +mana troops or effects!)

This is actually often useful enough by itself (just get someone off the board!) that the second and third charges do really seem “why wait?” even if/when they work as advertised.

That is to say, yes, of course he should be fixed to reliably work as advertised, and there is certainly something to the argument that his 2nd/3rd charge should arguably be buffed a bit to be more worth the wait, but Erebus seems like a highly functional sniper if all you ever do is fire him with one charge on offense.


Erebus is legit.

He was already really good when he was broken, but now he is a boss. If you snipe a minion summoner with the 2nd charge before they fire off a special, they get obliterated by the minion ailment.

Depending on attack buffs or dd ailments you can easily 1600-2200 damage on one hero. Its amazing