⚖️ Erebus - 5* Fire / Red from Tower of Styx

The info typed up for the beta threads is just @PlayForFun 's best guess. In Greek mythology, it’s a guy. To me the drawing looks like a man - very similiar to Cyprian - covered in a veil.

I don’t think SG has ever confirmed the gender of any character, and I doubt they will


It’s a he. Card says God. Athena says Goddess.


His skills target only one enemy. What a shame! :worried:

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I’m sorry but all that wasted effort to hit just 1!! For a brand new, powerful Styx hero !!! Compared to the rest I’m shocked !!! I can’t see me bothering with this 1 so u just know I’ll pull her/him !!

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Unbelievable !! My last comment was kinda tongue in cheek but 3x single pulls & I jinxed myself !!!

Is that spooky or what !!! I wasn’t going to have a pull cuz these tower portal odds r so damn low but I thought why not. 1st time they’re here & I get Dante & Erebus. Erebus being the worst of the lot !! Beggars & all that I suppose !!! Now it’s a decision between Isrod who I really like & Erebus !!! Any thoughts cuz IMO Erebus is just too niche. Similar to Rian & Caitlin. When there’s minions he/she rocks like when there’s buffs or ailments the 2x slayers also rock but take away minions & buffs & they are all pretty lame !!! The cost & time needed to level heroes nowadays is so much so u have to choose who to level wisely. There’s just not enough Damascus blades available……to me anyway!!

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He’ll be buffed sooner or later. SG doesn’t like their new heroes to be weak.
This is what happens when you mock the hero, they take it personally and show up on your doorstep

Captain Nemo would beg to differ. They pack these portals with a couple crapmheroes so if you pull them you need to keep pulling to get somebody worthwhile. It’s good business but frustrating for the players.

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This buffing of newer heroes was after nemo’s time. Cao Cao got buffed significantly and was made useful after his release within weeks. So I’m sure they won’t let Erebus sink that low. And Erebus is still leagues above Nemo even as the boring-est hero in styx

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This is the only hero from this portal I don’t want!!! Underwhelming. Second and third charge should be target and minor damage to nearby. Something is missing. He looks cool but that’s about it. Counters Arco etc but the rest of the defense gets to keep beefy miinions


I think the point of this hero is not to destroy minions, but to shut off/KO minion summoners before they fire either the first or second time. If you whack a second charge at Arco before he fires, he won’t summon any minions and instead take an additional 750 damage for attempting to (probably killing him if you add on the 580% damage).

But I agree he’s a little niche, and imagine most people just using his first charge as a VF sniper.



Thats why they should decrease the damage at first charge but include shutting down minion creation.

Now, either you go fast and she is a sniper or you go second charge which is only 1 tile faster than e.g. Arco (if you are lucky)

Happy gaming


Is it any buff Erebus in Forum to give some suggestions? As now, it is not ring whorthy.

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He’ll be a good sniper and I’ll level him up for that. The minion aspect of his special will be nice, especially against minion summoner tanks. If they buff him I’d love to see something like “gains x% mana per each minion killed” and the percentage increased for each level of his skill. that way he got progressively faster.


I feel like styx heroes are designed event first over raids. When he hits anyone, it’s an instance KO. Doesn’t matter max overheal and with three minions, He 3ked my joon on a lv1 charge. He is easily the most terrifying enemy to face in the towers.

I pulled a dupe, so going to ascend both and stick them with Hypnos for a 3:2 anti minion red team. But first…… get Alucard next month!!

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I agree with you!

A sniper is meant to make a kill shot. So, right now, his minion prevention on one hero is useless imo

Erebus should work the same way that Nemesis works. Damage on one hero. And effect on all the opponenents. So he would be meaningfull if he could prevent any minions to spawn on the 5 opponents. He could become a great counter to that 3 Kingdoms Family bonus which is the defense meta right now IMO

A good trade off for that hero would either be to affect 3 heroes : minor damages on nearby enemies + minions prevention on 3 heroes
That would be a nice counter to Summoners like LotL


Pulled her. So from reading here seems to be underwhelming? Too bad since odds in this portal are horrendous

He’ll get a buff before the next event comes. Company needs people to pull Gefjon costume this month. Congrats on getting him!

The minion immunity shud be at charge x1 for 2x turns. Not the extra minion summon attempt damage just the minion prevention. Then he/she wud be worth the mats even tho it’s still a niche hero but at least it’s a proper minion counter with that addition.


If Erebus hits Hulda, and she uses her special skill. Does she take 150dmg x 5 (assuming 5 enemy heroes are alive) or just the single minion she summons for herself?

Edit: tested and as above in previous posts it would be the number of minions x 150dmg . Not bad!