Equipment for heroes


I’m sorry If this is focussed elsewhere, please merge if so.

I’m a new player, started about a month ago. Like everyone I have pros and cons regarding the state of the game in its current format. I won’t get into that here except to say that I do enjoy the efforts being put towards the suggested improvements, and I also enjoy the game and growth at this time.
With that in mind, I’d very much like to see some type of equipment system for the heroes. This would allow favorite heroes to be improved further and would allow variety in them as well. For instance my maxed Bane as of now is exactly the same as yours. Once I receive a Hero with higher maxes all the time spent on him means nothing. I would just begin to improve the new hero. Equipment would allow me to customize him for defense, offense, make him a tank, etc. Giving the heroes more versatility while still maintaining a balance. The maximums for each star group and each hero could exist by just allowing for the flexibility. I think it would be a fun aspect and offer a more in depth layer of strategy, as fighting a Bane with high offense would be different than one with extensive hit points.
Something along those lines could have it’s advantages. Also allowing for the joy of finding (or buying) special equipment adds even more depth.
Thank you for making the effort to even consider these changes.
Happy Farming!