Equip Costume Separately for Each Team

Let me explain what I mean.

I have Tiburtus and Tiburtus costume, both maxed. For my farming team, I like to use the costume because it attacks all, so faster farming. But for my raid team, I like to use the regular Tiburtus for higher concentrated damage.

However, under the current system, if I equip/unequip the costume, I do it for all teams. So, when I farm, I have to first equip the costume; then when I raid, I have to make sure I unequip. I have to do this several times a day and it is a bit laborious. Not to mention if I accidentally forget to equip or unequip, I would bring the wrong hero to a fight, which is inconvenient.

So, could we have the ability to equip/unequip costume for each separate team? Namely, the costumed Tiburtus stays on my farming team and regular Tiburtus on my raid team, so I do not have to switch back and forth constantly. That would be really helpful.

Thank you!

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