Equip Accessories

On the team setup screen, what if, along with troops, you were able to equip each hero with an accessory that grants an extra ability?

Horn of Victory: Passive - grants owner 20% mana at the start of the battle

Shield of Grimnir: When owner uses special skill, all allies of the same element receive +20 atk for three turns


As a progression idea to be implemented long after the “limit breaks” in beta right now, I like this idea. It’s a form of progression that adds more flavor & custom options. It’s a better idea than the limit breaks SG has in the works, I’d say.

It may be said that further progression options are unnecessary, but they always come. It’s an inevitable part of the game’s efforts to keep people involved

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Yeah, when i first thought of this, it was in the context of “damn, they should’ve done this instead of limit breakers.”

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