°Equilibrium° Laid-back yet still war geared

:skull_and_crossbones: Equilibrium :skull_and_crossbones:

is looking for players to play in a relaxed environment, yet focus on winning wars.

We stay on comfortable titans to save resources and mats. Merc is open on pass titans

**We also allow players who are less active and would prefer to just compete in wars and not worry about titans. **

  • Currently 10* Titans
  • Wars 32-4
  • Looking for players with min. 20 max 5*
  • 4400TP
  • We keep a strong core and aim to stay 20 members or less.

Shadowfuri or stop by :slight_smile:

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4 spots available, 0/25 War chest

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How do you know you win all wars?

20 curious characters.

War matchmaking isnt the best at the moment, we are only a month old.

Wars aren’t exactly different, but fun.
So we are 10W- 0L

OK, but eventually you will lose a war, right? like 2-3 wars from now matches will be more balanced and you will not win all wars any more… am I correct?

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No they won’t lose a war because the 20 member caps means they will normally hopelessly outclass every opponent.

Then if the day comes they lose they will just close it down and start again.


depends on how strong they are

most 20 man teams are very casual or very new
therefore are typically pretty underclassed

which makes it easy for a team of 20 strong members to outclass them and go undefeated

it’s been done before.

Active/competitive alliances capping member counts can allow them to find a bracket and use it as a stomping ground to chain wins

some alliances slowly climb members until they find the sweet spot, some drop members until they find the sweet spot

you’ll see tip top teams hangin at 29 members for this very reason and if they see an equal team drop to 29, they’ll drop to 28 etc


Certainly not afraid to lose. Who would close and start over if they lose??

We are just trying to stay at comfort level on titans where we dont need use of battle items. Hence 10*-11* we can hit very comfortable with 20 or less even.
We aimed for a casual semi small group of friends where war is still fun for us all.
Working out well.

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