Equaliser seems to go off too early

Someone pointed this out in a group I’m in…

Your turn, their turn
Your turn, their turn
Your turn, cleanse, their turn

I verified it by watching back a vid of one of my fights. Seems like a bug to me, as shoud cleanse after their turn.

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It is not a bug, it was intended to remove all status effects after the attacking team turn ends.

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Thanks. That means it goes off after 2 turns for defence, not 3 as in the description. Did they give any explanation for such a strange decision?

From my understanding, the attacking team is in control of the board, the tiles move, firing heroes specials timing etc., Therefore, like from all the other war supports- field aid, arrow barrage, attack boost etc., the defense team is meant to benefit from it.
And since the attacking team is the one to make the first move, it is 3 turns.

I hope that helps. :wink:


If both sides have defence down, the attackers get to benefit on their third turn, while the defenders don’t due to the cleanse in between, so I wouldn’t agree it benefits one side, it just favours specific buffs. This would be a non issue if they waited the full 3 turns for both sides, as both would get to attack with defence down active.

Anyway, as this is poor design rather than a bug, I’ll leave it there.

Thanks for the responses.

It is 3 turns for both, but they are staggered.

I did notice that it was going off more often than I thought. It said every 3 turns, but it seemed to go off every 2 turns instead.

No biggie. Was still an interesting game mechanic that didn’t drastically alter the outcome of the war.

To anyone who says it was “too easy”, as many also said about the minion war, I say “so what?” It was applied equally to both teams. If that means it made things easier for my team? Well then it was also easier for our opponents as well, right? I don’t see a problem here.

Only problem I see is in the wording of the description. But that’s nothing new. The wording on practically everything in this game is confusing.

This is how some of the “tooltips” / skill descriptions etc. sound to me:

e.g. the effects of the special skill stack after the initial effects of the attack have been applied, up to 190%, but only when stacked with different skills; the buffs are applied to nearby heroes except in the case where nearby heroes are dead, in which case they are applied to another hero on the opponent’s team, unless the caster is dead, in which case they are randomly applied to a hero on the caster’s team; if that hero is immune to new status effects, the effect is only applied to other heroes on either the caster’s or opponent’s team, and can only be dispelled by the caster; the buffs are reapplied once the dispeller is dead, based on how many remaining heroes are left on the board


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