Epicc tokens gone

Sg i really appreicate ur hard work and like nay hard work u earn it hard with ur hands…im not rich,in my country im lowes middle class and anything i buy and i did buy stuff that could feed my mother and me 2-3 months…im not getting any ep rokens from any source(chests raids titans u name it) more than 2 months…mY hard earned money went to pulls from frustration not getinng any token…and of course no 5* still…please give some of us poor fighting chance,i can never contribute like players from 100 but with respect some of them think 200€£ is change…but i still contribute how my opportunities allow me…thanks for time hope u buuf up tokens coz its anyway low chance of getting anything and 3 of my friends deledet game…i mean more than 230 chests no token?..respect

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