Epic Troop Summons

So after a year of playing, I have still yet to get a 4* Yellow or Purple troop. I have only done 1 10 pull so far which netted me 10 3* troops. So with the new unicorn special I decided to splurge and buy some gems and do a 10 pull. To my amazement (sorry you can’t really read sarcasm in text) 10 more 3*. Out of pure anger did another 10 pull. This time, 9 3* and a 4* blue (the only troop I already had two 4* of)
Anyway, just needed to vent. 3 10 pulls. 29 3* and 1 4*. Somehow the posted odds just don’t look right.
Enjoy the frustration that is E&P. Yeah!

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Personally I would never waste gems on troop pulls. I’ve only ever used tokens to get them and have various 4* (except for blue). I find heroes to be far more valuable.

I disagree - You can get heroes from TC 20 free but no troops.

I finally pulled trigger and did some 4x10 pulls on troops. Have all but blue troop now. Managed to get all mana troops for other colours and green/violet crit troops.

Have played nearly 6 months and so far no 4 star troops - and it became nearly impossible to win raids against guys who had almost all 4 star troops at level 10


That sucks - got two troop tokens from raids and elemental this weekend and pulled a second purple. Got my second yellow about two weeks ago… never spent gems on the troops just tokens.

I think I spent $40 on troops once and I was quite lucky. 3 of each color 4* but I accidentally fed away one of my blue 4* troops lol. Not going to spend more though just trying to get a blue 4* troop.

I only use tokens to get troops. Its very unfortunate theirs know second building we convert another forge into to train for troop armies:(

Playing one year. Today i got a yellow 4* troop. Now i have all colors. Did 3x10 summons in the past. Got some green and blue but purple and yellow were a problem…

I finally broke down and did a 10 pull troop summons. Similar results, 9 3* and 1 4* (red). I am still looking for a purple and yellow 4*. I’ll stick with Epic Troop tokens from now on.