Epic troop chance 10 percent? İt is less than 2 percent for me

Since i began playing this game, i only got one epic troop. I must have summoned more than 50, and that makes less than 2 percent. So 10 percent chance is a lie for me. and i really began to get bored of this game. İ have spent a lot of money, but from now on i won’t spend a penny! i am not deleting it because i have done much so far, but who knows…

like you, i’m playing since one year. F2P

i have 4 troops 4yellow, 2 green troops 4, and one Red 4*

my roster in blue and purple is ready to grow up 4*…still waiting…

to check, maybe someone who have done a 10xpull could tell us? at least this could give one 4* troop…if the 10% are okay ;p

Only because the chance is 10% does not mean you get 1 4* out of a 10 pull. You could get 0 4* but also 8 4* in a 10 pull.


But what about 50 pulls? i must get more than one .

No. Same example. You could get 0 out of 50 and also 20.

Like rolling a 10-sided dice. And you want the 1. roll it 50 times and its possible you never land the 1. roll it another 50 times and you might hit the 1 several times.

Dont expect the odds to happen because they won‘t.

Probabilities don’t add like that, unfortunately. The chance of not getting a 4* troop after 50 summons would be 0.5%. So, it will happen about once in every 200 times that someone tries to do 50 troop summons.

Because of the random nature of summons, it can end up taking a great many summons attempts to get a 4* troop or a 5* hero.

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