Epic tokens bug


I donated some money few days ago in exchange for diamonds and next for pack of champion and 4x epic tokens. I was using Polish version of game. I change this tokens but i got only 3 stars champions. I thought meaning word “epickie” means better then 2 stars champs but when i today swich to English version i saw epic champion as 4 star since its befor legendary and is 5 star. So i spend money for that epic tokens from pack and i didnt get what i should get 4x 4 star champs. I am a bit sad about it since its first time i spend money for any mobile game. I wanna to support this one since its briliant. However I am a bit disapointed. I hope GM Will check logs and see what happend since all can be verified. Still have faith in this game mods :slight_smile:
Sincerly, Haosh


From the Training Camps:

1* = Common
2* = Uncommon
3* = Rare
4* = Epic
5* = Legendary

I can see how the wording might be confusing, but anyone who reads through the Epic (or Elemental) rolls will see that the possible heroes range from 3-5*.

Perhaps this wording is more confusing in other languages, and maybe it should be changed?

This, however, is clear:


Clearly its writen an epic Hero not one of possible heros in epic summon. I thought i will get 4 stars heros for that. Not 3 star including 2x same Hero that i have (read bane) . And in elemental summon when light was i got bane in 2 Times rolls for diamonds…at last they could add smt that wont allow same Hero in row in rolls.


Well I agree on the last, though I know there are uses for duplicates

  • doubles against titans and color-heady province levels

  • 25% upgrade (each) when used on the same hero (Bane on Bane)