Epic summons

Why are there three star heroes in epic summons, it should be four star and above seeing it takes forever to get gems or win a token.

Because Epic (and Elemental and Event) categories give 3*, 4* and 5* heroes.

(Daily Summons gives 1*, 2*, 3* and low-level Troops, however in my experience, 3* in Daily is rare.)

Be aware that the game also gives a free-to-play option in the Training Camps at lvl 12 (3*), lvl 13 (mostly 3* with some 4*) and finally lvl 20 (3-5*). Everyone has slightly different experiences as regards what you get (which hero, etc), but this option is available to every player and costs no diamonds.


If there were only 4 and 5* in epic summons, everyone would.have super teams in a few weeks

Yay! Super teams! :grin: :smile:

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Continuing the discussion from Epic summons:

I have been getting 3* heroes every time. Have spent a lot of money to buy gems but its all worthless. Even the training camp lvl 13 is only giving me 3*s. This game is becoming so useless. I will try my last atlantis and may be delete this game forever. The developers need to fix this if they want people to keep spending money… else its easy to get frustrated after spending a ton on money.

First You should ve knowing that you are paying to have the chance to get 5☆ heroes nit paying with sure that you are getting them.
Second TC13 gives me around 5 4☆ heroes and was enough time as F2P by then to train them while my TC growing till 20.
After getting TC20 I got around 10 more 4☆ heroes and 1 5☆ too.
Tc13 is not the end but its just a step in the way of the 20.
You should spend your money wisely and look where to invest.
Pick Elemental in the color you need so the % of 5☆ is better than Epic.
Pick summons in Atlantis are more worthy due the chance if getting an old HOTM …
Also there is a point of making 5☆ and 4☆ heroes that hard to find, which is the hardest part in the game, FINDING ASCENDING MATERIALS.
They are so rare so there is no point in having many heroes and crying for AMs. Time is all its about here.
And OFC the game is not useless unless you don’t know how to do it.
If you like to keep playing read more on forums or ask for help in Peer Support channel in game.
If you are willing to quit then its your call and you shall be missed.

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Hi amrolwan,

Thanks for your valuable suggestions… I have tried most of what you have suggested. Even tried multiple epic summons at a time. Nothing has really worked. I have too many 3 stars to deal with for the money spent. TC level 20 may be worth a try but will take a ton of time to get there… but thanks again.
I think I am gonna have my last shot with atlantis summon today. Else I am gone…

Thanks again…

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TC13 has a fairly poor 4 star drop rate. I have heard between 3-5%. TC20 has something like (doing this from memory, but you can search the forums for the numbers the community is seeing) 75% 3*, 20% 4* and 5% 5*, So much better odds for 4 star.

I personally am seeing 70% 3*, 25% 4* and 5% 5*, but this is only 25 pulls worth. I foolishly didn’t rush TC20 but now know I should have. So that would be my advice to you.