Epic Summon Hero luck?

1OX Pull yielded nine 3s and Hu Tao. Players are spending good $ for a rigged selection process. With 65% of heros being 4 and 5*, do you know how unlikely it is to get 9 or 10 three stars?! Certainly not a fair random selection. The dev’s greed is disgusting!

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Sadly having that much 4* and 5* makes no difference.

Odds saying that probably you have for each summon 85% (more or less) chance to get a 3*.
And the game seems first choose the rank of the hero (so if your pull will be a 3*, a 4* or a 5*) and only after what kind of hero (among his/her stars) will be.

So even if there are so many 4* and 5*, it doesn’t matter if your pull fall in the 3* zone (and as i already said, you have a really high chance thats the case)

Nowhere has it been suggested that a summons gives you an even chance of pulling any one of the game’s heroes. In fact, elemental summons makes it pretty clear that the chances of receiving heroes from different tiers are not equal (“Increased chance for Legendary”).

But if that’s not clear enough, extensive forum discussion over many months puts our guesstimates of the chance of summoning a 3* hero at something like 70-85%, 4* at 13-28%, and 5* at 1-3% (ignoring HOTM completely). Seems like the issue here is not so much “dev’s [sic] greed” as ‘player not really paying proper attention’.

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Thanks for the info. I understand the summons process now. We’ll agree to disagree on what the issue is Brobb.

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I’ve given up on donating a whole lot - and will not spend the big gems on the elemental deals, I have 1 5-Star, 5 4-Star, when I try for the package with better chances of 4 & 5 Star, I get all 3s. I can’t level 2 of my 4-Stars cuz they don’t give the materials to ascend. I just keep playing same levels over and over since my team is too weak to progress past level 21. Still having fun and when the stellar deals come for 2.99 or 4.99 I might grab them only if the right ingredient is there. Otherwise, I’m stuck.

The odds are awful and inconsistent.

If you go into it with high hopes, you have a very high chance of getting nothing.

That being said it is possible to get something good. I’ve gotten good things. I’ve also gotten lots of nonsense.

Just know that the odds are against you and if you’re fine with the strong possibility of getting nothing good then proceed.


I know they want make money with that game but they gone too far… i have 3 months here and i got only 2 4* heroes and spent lot of gems on summonings… the randomness is push throu their limits… if they don’t do nothing with tihs situation will lose a bunch of players on the way… Miserable system

Spend 0€ FTP, i got 2 HOTM (Ares+ Khiona, 2 very good HOTM) the same day in 4 pulls (start october) the rest is TC20 : Marjanna then Joon a few days after, then i got Horghall (mid november) then domitia (start december) and finally the one that i got yesterday: leonidas. Im actually upgrading him… My luck in video games is incredible. Got way more 5* from my TC20 (5) than 4* (2).

Congrats dude! You are realy lucky!!!

Trust me, I’ve spent over$100.00 and received all 3 start, with multiple of the same hero.

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:smiling_face_with_three_hearts: always happy memories when reposting this :love_letter:

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I am a F2P player who’s been playing for about 5 months. Not a single cent into the game. Here is what I have so far for my main rainbow team and where I got them:

Boldtusk (3/60; waiting on a hidden blade to take him to tier 4): epic hero token

Melendor (3/60; have the materials to max him but just don’t want to): elemental summon with 300 gems

Li Xiu (3/60; have the materials to max her but just don’t want to): Atlantis summon

Valen (maxed): epic hero token

Balthazar (maxed): elemental summon with 300 gems (I also have 2 unleveled Bals from daily summon and elite training)

I have another two 4* heroes:

Ameonna (unleveld; not sure if this is the correct spelling; you know, the ghost girl) - Atlantis summon

Danzaburo (3/60; have enough materials to max him but just don’t want to) - Atlantis summon

Then a bunch of 3* heroes, many of whom are maxed; going to max more for war.

I would say that my luck has been just average: getting enough heroes to handle quests, events, raids, titans, and missions. But nothing crazily boastful. I have no 5* and HOTM. I am not complaining, though. Again, I am F2P and just here for fun. No need to get angry just because of some bad luck.

Cheers, all!


It’s better to hope for 5* from tc20 than from summon.

Use ur gems only for summon atlantis or event heroes


Sorry, you got 2? It’s not possible to use hero tokens on elemental summons. Congrats on the pulls

Edit: Li Xiu is a fine tank for beginners, and soon you will have a lot of orbs. I would value her and definitely ascend her, for both tank or flank positions.

Hi. You are right. I remembered wrong. I got Melendor from elemental summon with 300 gems. And thank you for the suggestions. I understand that Li Xiu is a good hero. Personally, I prefer Chao though. I am actually trying to save my materials for him. Not sure when I will get him; but I will be patient and persistent!

Another horrible draw from a 10x summon. Multiple of the same 3* heroes… Trash.

Is the randomness of getting a five-star the same if you were training in a level 20 camp or if you are pulling them from the summons? Is your chance of getting a good 5 Star hero the same?

5% from TC20
1.5% from summon

TCs are slow
Summons are fast

TCs are 4 free
Summons are expensive

TCs hold only common legends.
Atlantis and seasonal gates with a very low chance of better heroes.

If i am playing from a year and never pull a 5* from a token my son who playing by few weeks yesterday used a token from a regular monster chest: Domitia!!! From his first and single pull… so i don’t know what could i say

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