Epic Summon Hero luck?

What is your luck?

I’ve seen a lot of people saying that they spent 100$ on the game and got nothing but 3 stars… that can’t be true?

I’ve spent 27$ on a bundle, got a hero of the month and 2 4 stars, also got a 4 star in my first summon, is that really lucky or have the chances been improved because I’m planning to buy x10 elemental summons in which I’m hoping to get a legendary


I’ve said this elsewhere, so I apologize if you’ve read it:

I’ve been here since April. In that time, I spent $25, then another $10. I got a few 4* from spending (though never a 5* or hero of the month), and the rest of my 4* I made through my lvl 13 Training Camps (x2).

I currently have nine 4* (two of which are maxed, with three more almost maxed), and ascension materials to max 8 more.


You had great luck and should enjoy. Just don’t expect it always. Plenty of people have done a 10 summon of only 3*s


Yes - great luck for you.

it’s totally random. on my main account I’ve did 4 10x pulls last event. I got 1 5 star and 4 4 stars and 35 3 stars. (12.5% of 4 or 5 star)

then on my alt account, I’ve only done single pulls using only the starter bundle, 5x$0.99 purchase and in game gems and have gotten 6 out of 20 (30%) 4 star. my first 3 single pulls were Gormek, Boril, Boril. So it’s pretty random, but my guess is that the 4/5 star pull rate is closer to 12% than it is to 30%.

Nice luck on the HOTM. I’ve pulled at least 80 heroes on my main account and gotten 0.

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I’ve done over 50 epic pulls but haven’t got a single 5*. Made me stop pouring money into this game …

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I’ve had mixed luck. I have had 10 x summons with nothing but 3 star heroes, but I’ve also had one that gave me Two 5 stars, some 4 stars and two hero of the Month. The rest have fallen between there I have had summons with nearly all 4 star. It is random and at one point my luck was running so badly that I had just about sworn off paying for the 10 x summons anymore. Yes, I’ve done a LOT of 10 x epic hero summons/Epic elemental summons.

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Maybe you should have stopped paying for the 10 x summons. If more players stop paying money as long as the odds are so ridiculously low, then maybe they would give us better odds. I do not mind paying for a game I thoroughly enjoy playing. I am just not paying anything for a game that takes my money, gives nothing useful and then hides behind ‘bad luck’.

So, for now, I’m still playing. If suddenly (probably by some divine Finnish intervention) my luck turns, I might even start buying diamonds again. But until that time I advise everyone to enjoy the game and spend their money elsewhere.

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They are relying on their customers willingness to gamble to secure their income. I dislike the model (and question the ethics) and will not play ball.

I spent £45 so far and have had mixed success for the spend. I got 1 4* out of 1 of the £20 spends, but managed 2 4* out of the other. Problem is, my team is now quite a refined set of 4* and have decent backup… it means diminishing returns for any subsequent spend.

Of course they’ll like me to spend ever higher amounts to defeat the RNG to pull the few rare heroes that are better than my current stable, but I like to think I’m not their kind of sucker.

I feel spend a moderate amount (£50 or less) EARLY to assemble a decent team then do not reward their (SG’s) tactics further after that. Refuse to spend further. If they start introducing direct results for spend then I’ll be far more tempted.

(Some would argue this would be pay to win. It’s a fallacious argument. It’s ALREADY pay to win… but just needing to pay a whole lot more to win than otherwise).

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I have been playing 5 months, daily. I have never pulled 5 . I am only pulling the same 1,2,3 stars. I have spent 45USD. I belong to a great Alliance. I have difficulty fighting against 5 hero’s. I am debating on quitting the game. I don’t think I am gonna get 5*. Another week or so, if I don’t see a 5* IDK.

Daily summons only give 1-3*.
You should be close to tc 20 which gives a 5-6% chance of 5* as well as 19% chance of 4*

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Just spent $20 on the Gem package, did a 10 roll, got ALL 3 stars but 2 bonus rolls, both Zeline, which was my objective.


Do you even have ascension materials to Ascend a 5*? I’d say have some patience

Penari once wrote a great piece on the utility and kick-arseness of 4* heroes.

Couldn’t find her long post, but here is one of her many short ones on the subject:

I feel your pain. I think I’ve done about 20 elemental pulls and the results, all 3s. Not a single 5, not even a 4*. I’m done spending money for a chance, in my case, NO chance, to get a useful hero. I’ll start spending my money elsewhere, perhaps a game where I KNOW for a fact I WILL get something to show for what I shelled out. It’s an addicting game, no doubt, but if the game won’t give anything but a useless 3* over and over, at LEAST give them SOMETHING they can use, like an ascension item or SOMETHING, so it wouldn’t actually be a COMPLETE waste of money and keep the players from being discouraged to the point where they don’t want to play anymore. Js

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I think I have better odds winning the lottery than bagging myself a 5* hero

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I have never, ever gotten a 5* from an elemental draw. I’ve gotten them from epic draws, one even from an epic token, the event draws, and after three months grinding even got one from my TC20s, but never from an elemental draw. Plenty of 4* yes, but never 5*.

I’ve done around 10 epic pulls and my luck is so freaking weird…a free 1 Epic Hero token can give me a lousy 3* while a epic pull for 300 gems can give me a nice 3* + bonus draw HOTM (that’s how I got 3 Delilahs).

I also noticed that when I’m super excited about doing a pull, I always get a 3* while when I’m like “pfft gonna get another 3* for sure” I pull 4* and even 5* (the only one I have except Delilah is Domitia) :smiley:

I seriously think that the ‘radom genereator’ to get the Hero of the Month is either bugged or rigged. One person can get 3 Delilah’s out for 40 pulls while the other get none out of 200 pulls. Off course they cannot admit that there’s a problem because that would lead to serious problems because they let people pay for a 0.0% percent chance to get what they want.

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I think 3 HotM out of 40 pulls and none out of 200 is nothing to get suspicious about. Assuming something around a 2-4% chance, I think both examples are not too unlikely.
But this one guy who got 9 Zelines out of a little more than 40 pulls is really odd. Next month he made like 3 single pulls and got Delilah, too.
If the odds are the same for everyone, then it is really strange that others get nothing from hundreds of pulls…