Epic & Rare


Would really like it if you were able to guarantee an epic or a legendary character. It is very frustrating to go ahead and pay a little extra to try and get an epic or legendary character and every time get the exact same rare characters I already have gotten from the daily gate. Even if it cost a little extra for a guaranteed epic or legendary.


Please tell me how this doesn’t shift the game into a Pay2Win model? Just curious.

(I’ve shared your desire, but my desire for balance between the Free2Play and Play2Win communities is stronger…)


Maybe give a chance of getting one in some of the map areas, or attacking the same area repeatedly could give a player an increased chance of getting a rare,epic, or legendary hero


It would have to be a roving hero; the gaming community talks to each other very well and news of a particular level that gives high lvl heroes would spread like wildfire.

Your second idea might be more workable though! :wink:


How is this game not already “PAY TO PLAY” how else do you explain level 13 with 4 four stars maxed out?
I’m not wanting to cheat. In our gate options have an option that is for Epic or Rare only. Just. Raise the price for it. Like 600 jewels.


I really like that idea.
Much better than mine.
If I can work knowing I will get a greater rewards Ill do it. But feeling like every gate summons is getting me know where is disheartening


Hmmm, in that those who pay can’t get what they want? That the factor of chance still comes in to balance the two different play types?

I’ve been here for months, and it’s kinda impressive that the game has NOT utterly shifted to the Play2Win model.

Are there anomalies on both sides of the fence? Sure.


It doesn’t matter anymore. I am so done with this game. You know how long it takes to earn and save up gems. I was able to try to get some more rare or legendary characters. And got the exact same 3 star characters I already have. Rendering all of my work and effort pointless.


If you want to toss the game over a couple of duplicates, you can do that…

I got a whole bunch of them while trying for a 4* using TC13’s. I currently have two Scarlett’s and two LiXiu’s. So what?

I can either eat them (25% special skill up on the same hero), or lvl them and use them on double lineups.

My enjoyment of the game largely depends on me, and how I respond to it. :wink:


You just need to be patient, eventually you will build up your team, besides if you get legendaries now you will hang them around struggling to grow them cause no ascension materials.


This is my 4th time getting duplicates of what I got from the standard gate.

If a game becomes so monotonous and I cannot feel like I can succeed to even get beyond the point that I’m already at there is no more interest for me. The very goal of the game is to work hard so you can reap the benefits I’m not reaping any benefits except frustration. Four times we are talking four times


but I do have ascension materials. I have done this raising money to try to get something higher up.
Because I have enough to send them a couple times except for maybe troops which that isn’t hard since I’m always maxing out on troops.


I have the same frustrating. I have spent over $250 to even come close to a Rare or Epic Hero!! It is frustrating knowing you have to wait to play, regeneration of life to play. The game does not allow players to place at their pace!! It’s super frustrating. You might as well empty my bank account!! Why do we need allowance to play campaign? Why is there so many restrictions and why is it so hard to get Epic players?

With that $250 I could have bought an entire gaming system!! What the heck!!

The worse part is when you email the company, their response is “It is what it is”?

I am frustrated, is anyone else feels like it’s unfair of how restricting tne game is?


Agreed , I just asked, posted to make Epic & Legendary Fighters more acquirable


I would ask what you spent the $250 on and if you’re using a currency that’s worth substantially less than USD?

Fact is $250 USD would land numerous 4*'s, and probably a few 5* too if spent in either the Legendary or Epic hero summons.


I personally love that we have a number of flags that run out and you must wait before you can play, because this game gives you a break, otherwise I would’ve probably played a lot more, I think this game should improve you as a person and make you a little more patient.

As for rare&epics, I have spent 0.00€ so far and I have almost all Rare heroes and about 15% of all epics, I tell you honestly I wouldn’t want any legendary hero right now, because I don’t even have my farms high enough to keep up, not to mention Ascension materials.

Slowly but surely they are coming, just need some patience.


So basically, you don’t like all the game system at all.
And you still play and spend?

Well, how to say this… Mh…
Good job buddy…?


I really enjoy this game and have recruited several friends and family members to this game as well.
I would like to remark about one issue that we all share in common regarding the summoning of epic and legendary heroes.
If someone decides to earn gems, summons, etc through just game play then i guess i could understand that you get what you get (luck of the draw) however, if i am spending my own money to advance my team i should have more control over which heroes i get. I just bought a package that allowed me to make a couple of summon purchases and received 2 players that i already have. That just isn’t right. And if that is what I’m faced with every time i purchase gems then i don’t think i will be purchasing any more and will probably Get frustrated and uninstall this game.
This needs to be fixed.


Only if you just drop $250 in one drop. Boom.
More than likely it is what can be afforded.
$5 dollars here. $5 there.
And for 5 bucks and one summon. You get crap.


I’ve resorted to saving up for 10x rolls, and occasionally buying any really good epic offers to get there. My rationale being I have to get at least one usable card that way (I know, it’s a crummy way of thinking). It’s slow going and takes a while in most cases (the offers are monthly and not all are worth it for me). The two times I have done it I have gotten 2 4* and 8 3*. The 4* are useful for my team, the 3* are meat in most cases. The last one I did an event summon and got 2X the 4* golden jackal, lol.

The irony, of course is, my 2 5* I got 1) on a single dark elemental summon from gems earned just by playing and 2) on a free epic hero token from a wanted chest that pulled Ares (after pulling Friar Tuck). I guess it balances itself out in my case, but it does seem odd that I can have so much luck on the single pulls than the 10x, especially where there’s supposedly a higher chance at 5* in the elemental summons (and presumably the event summons).