Epic offers - same items repeated?


I have been waiting long-long time to get tonics - but all offers you give show darts, tabards, rings - have you decided to ban all green levelling? I am sure for last 4-5 months, last 10-15 offers had no tonics featured. Same for quests giving ascension items- no tonics. Is green banned from levelling?

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Shrikewood is the next Rare Quest coming, and will likely arrive in the next week.

That’ll have a Tonic.

Also, here’s a (crappy) offer from January 30 that had a Tonic:


Thanks, good to know its coning - checked even path of Valor offers different 4* ascension items. Will need it - fingers crossed - for Telluria.

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Sheesh really??? $100 bucks? Just how greedy and low rent are these developers???

Springvale will also have a tonic available as a reward

Right there with you mate. I still don’t have Kingston maxed. Tonics won’t drop for me anywhere.

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Why crappy and greedy? With 11.000 gems it looks okay for me. But I’ll never buy such expensive offers at all :smiley:

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