Epic Offer speed charge


Where do you do a support ticket?


If you go to ‘option’ ingame (the cogwheel icon), there’s a tab for support. Click on the support button and you’ll get linked to the support pages.


Please always make sure you have updated your game to the latest version, in order to get the latest improvements (in the version 15 we have increased the number of loot tickets received, including the ones from offers).

I’d advise you to contact support so we can investigate this further and offer possible compensation.


Thank you Petri, I realized I needed to do that and have received a response. They are currently reviewing it. I did check my version. It was the first thing I did.


I ended up buying it and did get the 90 tickets as it stated.


They fixed it, the other 80 were received today.


Great to hear that, I’ll close this thread as solved. :wink: