Epic Offer speed charge

On the epic offer of 300 gems and 90 loot tickets, I only received ten loot tickets. I received the gems just not the tickets.

It’s 8/15/18 purchased in the morning, exact time unknown, eastern standard time.

Image, shows offer no longer available due to purchased. Other image shows I have only 37 loot tickets, cannot have received 90. Even with flasks I could not have burned 90. I only received 10 tickets.


This sounds like someone messed up on the number of tickets or something.


That was a co-members offer he saw a bit a go.

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Checked it on my husbands device. His offer shows 90.

Stranger things are afoot.

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Right. Only I don’t know I’d have bought it for ten. So that part is a bit frustrating.

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Is this showing you got 90?

Oh duh it does. Man where is mine?

Yes, I got 90. Never checked after buying the offer, but this thread made me take a look. I also remember the 800+ percent value. Bought it maybe an hour ago.

Strange. Did the offer get adjusted…?

You need to start using those WE flasks and loot tickets and level up FAST! 23-9 ftw.

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I’m saving them for a rainy day. :wink: If I could transfer the XP to my heroes I’d use them in an instant!

Those will be nice to have if you’re down with an illness.

Android Device, Canada. Mine said 90 Tickets also…almost tempted to waste a few bucks.

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I warned my alliance to pay attention to that offer but so far 2 or 3 replied that they correctly got 90 tickets

I’m on an I pad. Wonder if device type matters.

I got the offer via Android phone and 90 tickets were received

Offer working or not, this topic made me cancel my plans. Not going to buy…

Yeah, I wouldn’t have bought. Very disappointing.

Open a support ticket. Are you sure your offer said 90 tickets, or did you maybe just assume that after seeing your partners offer?