Epic offer! Shouldn’t be available for everyone?

This lame is offered to everyone! Not enough to do a x10 pull… I still want 12500 gems … still not believing it

There’s usually a “flash offer” of 200 gem for $1, limit 5,just before Challenege events (I.e. next week).

But still, I’m puzzled about who got this big package offered. I usually buy such offers, but didn’t see it (that’s $100 less in your bonus, Petri!). My alt never buys such offers, and that account didn’t see it either. ?!?

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I got the Magicians Offer this morning too.

I got Magicians, which makes sense:

As a player, I have never spent more than $20 at a time (not even on offers back to back), so why would I be offered $100? I think their offers make sense for the most part.

It would be cool if there was a button you could press to express interest in offers (up or down), but that’s just me dreaming. :wink:

I always just assumed their offers are targeted based on your spending history…if you are a huge spender then you will get offered the huge offer since you are more likely to buy it. If you are an average to low slender then you get the regular deals and if you don’t spend a dime they might tempt you to with a pretty appealing offer. This logic seems to make sense to me anyway…

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I got offered the Magician one too, which is all well and good, but now I have enough darts to ascend two yellow 5* to the final ascension, and still no final orb I need to get Joon past 2/60.

Keep hunting in the usual places:

  • Titan loot
  • Wanted chests
  • Rare Wanted chests
  • Rare Quests
  • Mystic Vision

Good luck!

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So, I got both offers, the 12,500 a few days ago and the magicians today. I mostly buy the flash type deals, but also some others as long as the gems to dollar ratio is better than what the store sells, and especially if there is an ascention item that I need. I rarely buy regular price offers in the store and if I do it is usually the cheapest, lol. Maybe we can see some type of pattern. Maybe, lol.

When I got Joon, I had no orbs at all, so getting to three so quickly isn’t bad at all. Waiting is par for the course, and there are orbs in the Guardians completion loot next week as well. The aggravating factor for me is the offer with an orb that I didn’t get, that other people did, right when I could use it.


I believe that once you hit a spending threshold, you get certain deals. I got that 12,500 gem offer for $99 way back in october, once I’d started spending in late aug/sept. Most of the people I knew who were spenders got it too.

My alternate account, which I’ve spent $28.99 on plus one month of VIP for builder, hasn’t seen that offer.


No they just throw all the trash offers on big spenders because they know they’re gonna buy it anyways


Please, with the snarky negativity… :wink:

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I got the magician’s offer this morning as well. Gave me enough for my 10x pull when the event starts. I can live with that.

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Hey @Petri I didn’t forget yet :face_with_raised_eyebrow::face_with_monocle: I still want the epic offer :pray:t2::cry::unamused:

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Epic! Epic! Doubt im gonna have another offer so soon.
That one was tempting with the damascus blade, this one has darts.

One of the basic tenets of a good game is that the rules are fair and clear. When the rules are different for some people as compared to others, that’s when feelings of unfairness set in. In this game, I believe that it’s creating a situation where people feel it’s unfair and they’re getting slighted because the “rules” are different…some people are intentionally offered better deals than others.

This creates a no-win situation with the developers long-term. If the big spenders are offered the better deal, then the low spenders feel slighted and that this is a pay-to-win game. If the low spenders are offered the better deals, then the big spenders wonder, “why am I spending so much money, then?”

Just some advice to the developers…make all the deals available to everyone. It’s easier on you, everyone thinks it’s fair, and it avoids this no-win situation for you.


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