Epic offer July 28

This is different. 20 bux fue 3000 gems. No tokens and a bit lean after the ascension mats, but the gems make it work.

I care more about tokens than mats. So if it had 3 epic hero coins or 5 troop tokens instead of the mat. I would buy it. Still better than the summer deal for 10 bucks 1000 gems and one 4* mat.

Still considering this deal.

I haven’t seen an epic offer for awhile, flash sales and that hot offer.
Yeah the 3000 gems makes it an OK deal.
Abit lean on tokens and mats as op said.
I may have to get this, deal will still be on tomorrow night so will decide then

*July 28

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If hero tokens have a value of 300 gems which is the cost of a single pull, then this deal for cost of 20 bux is good. Gem store best price equivalent is 3000 gems for 30 bux. The extra 1000 gems is 3 pulls and change.

I took it.


Obviously, not a mod

I would not compare any offer with gem prices from the shop - it‘s a complete fraud. But it‘s kind of working and makes ppl think paying 20€ for a few 3* is a good deal :joy:

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Okay, I will ask - what is your benchmark?