Epic Offer: "Exclusive Offer For You"

I have looked and I am surprised no one else has commented on this.
Both my main account and alt account have the EXACT same offer, same items for the same price.
I assume everyone has the exact same, right? So, how is this an “exclusive offer for you”:


I got same offer, idk how it is “exclusive for me”

I know: I got the same deal…
It’s not exclusive at all

It is an “Exclusive Offer For You” and it is not “Offer Exclusively For You” :upside_down_face:


Basically this :joy:

It’s like a Supermarket market making an exclusive offer. It’s exclusive to their customers.

This is exclusive to players of Empires and Puzzles.


You guys are right and it’s very sneaky. More sneaky than supermarkets though. Very appalling from them to do something like this.
Happy I was not the only one to read it as being an exclusive offer for me as an individual. It would dhave been fantastic if they could do that - see what you lack most in the inventory and it give you a deal based on it.

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We are very, very special because the offer clearly excludes many people:

  • ancient Egyptians
  • lumps of rock from beyond Earth’s orbit
  • creatures living in the Mariana Trench

As soon as I saw the “exclusive offer for you” I figured it was available to all players. :rofl:

In the beginning i believed it because i have zero tome of tactics but then i thought naaahhh

  • Former players who deleted the game

  • Luddites

  • And quite possibly people who see something but refuse to say something


I actually laughed out loud, which is far too rare.

Thank you so much.

Yes, those people are rightly excluded.

Bardic Post of the Day :medal_military: for reincorporating a niche forum reference.


This is “we noticed you don’t spend/stopped spending” offer :roll_eyes::roll_eyes::roll_eyes:

I dislike the markeing approach of this particular offer.

Enough when they tag offers with
„Must have“ or
„Get before time is up“

But this false sense of exclusivity is crossing a line.

Most people may just smile and walk away. But it has the flavour of targetting people who are attracted by the false claim.



If it was exclusive for me it would have a farsighted scope in it! :laughing:


Every time it’s like a dagger in my heart.

But like grinding S3 hard I shall persevere. Just like that art competition in junior school to draw an Ark (space ships aren’t acceptable Arks apparently.) I will catch your eye eventually

He could not die, and eventually, he decided to stop thinking.

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Who dis?


I have an exclusive offer for the developers too, but the forum rules prevents me to post it here.


Just exit out of it and don’t buy it lol.

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