Epic Offer Decline

Can you add a feature to the epic offers so we can decline them and they go away. This offer of the warm cape keeps popping up on my screen all the time it’s getting annoying. During log ins, during AW attacks it just randomly pops on the screen.


Beware, that’s exchanging gems for items, so google play services are not involved. You can accept this with one click like me :confused: They should and confirmation button to offer like this.

Yep. That pop up is really annoying, especially since every special offer also appears on the screen as a icon/picture so if someone changes their mind they can still get it.

Same with Elemental Summons, I don’t know if this is a bug or something but sometimes the ES pop up shows up just once and then goes away and the other time it pops up constantly.
A simple “never show again” option would be great.


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