Epic Heroes


I purchased the epic hero box in features, I got 1, 5* and 3, 3*'s. I was very disappointed. I was expecting 4s and 5s. If a person makes several purchases, they should be rewarded with the best options available. Why pay if all you’re going to get is mediocre heroes. I believe the company should keep a record of purchases made and reward accordingly.


It’s a lottery, instead of guarantee, they made it a random chance to actually get something. It’s an awful tool but people seems to like and be willing to spend a lot of moneys for a roll. If they make it so that you’ll get only 5* and 4*, that might be a surge in people paying, but it will then stop, since people have no need for more rolls. Having desapointing draws will actually make people pay more, following the logic that they already spent money, so they might as well pay a bit more so it wasn’t in vain. It might sound illogical, but that’s the whole psychology around bets and lottery.
So basically, if they do as you ask, you wouldn’t pay again (since you got what you wanted in the first try), so it’s not very different from you refusing to pay again because of the bad odds. There are people that will continuously buy regardless, and those, make no mistake, are the VIP around here. The rest of us is just playmates for them. Hehe