Epic Hero Tokens

Hey guys,

I though that EHT can be used also during seasonal events, like Pirates, but no such option.

Can I use them only for normal and elemental summon?


This is monthly event, not seasonal. The seasonal event, with the vampires starts on 28. There you can use your EHT.

Btw, we have another seasonal event in December. At the current event you can use those special coins. 10 for a free summon.


To further clarify @Scarecrow’s answer.
Elite Hero Tokens can only be used 4 times of the year. Springvale, Summer Sands, Return to Morlovia, and Christmas.

The rotating monthly Challenge Events (Pirates, Guardians, Avalon, Grimforest, Wonderland) will have its special currency to use in lieu of gem summoning. From completing each tier of the challenge events, you will get guaranteed challenge tokens. You can find more of these coins by defeating rare enemies (Suspicious Chests) appearing occasionally inside challenge event levels.

  • 10 coins gets you a free summon (you can see this is working like Atlantis Coins)
  • Coins can be used across events (e.g. if you don’t want to do any summons this time around, you can save your coins to use during other challenge events).
  • Just like Atlantis Coins that show up with the Sea Dragons during Atlantis Rises, these coins are only available to be gathered during these challenge events. You’d have to defeat the said enemy, and finish the level to collect the coins.
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Just to clarify your answer. :smiley:

Epic Hero Token can be used at any time in the Epic Hero Summon portal. But only 4 times of the year they can also be used for events - which is during seasonal events:

  • Springvale (around Eastern)
  • Summer Sands (around summer start)
  • Return to Morlovia (around Halloween)
  • and Santa’s Challenge (around Christmas / start of December).

Thanks for the clarification for my answers. EHT can of course, still be used during normal Epic Summons. I’ve stopped using EHT in Epic Summons after getting TC20 that I neglected their other uses. XD

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it starts oct 21

But I guess you know better…


All clear now, thx!


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