Epic Hero Tokens for Event Draws

To preface this, I am a spender and happily have Panther, Jackal, Falcon, Arthur, Guin, Locke, Peters, etc. That said, even as a spender it takes many pulls on the event summons to get the heroes we are looking for. I am not complaining about the number of pulls. I get that these heroes are rare, make significant impact on the power of teams, and are something I deem worth spending to get.

On the flip side of things, there are many people around E&P that are free players who still have a chance to get great heroes (epic token draws, saved gems, legendary training in camp 20). This is a huge strength for E&P to maintain an engaged player base. I want to suggest that Epic Hero Tokens be something that gives these players a chance to draw on Event Summons OR alternatively to come out with a rare Event Token type.

I know that the chances are small that you will get that Panther you are looking for with 4-6 tokens you were able to save, but that still keeps these players engaged and excited for events to come.


+1 For the idea! Have been thinking the same

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You are not the only one that come up with this idea, but i’m glad it even comes from the perspective of a big spender.

Thumbs up.


Even if u spend … U was very lucky the problem its like we see nomtter number of gold ttokens u buy or have … Its not feirplay when u spend and cant get them becouse alot who dont buy have many of them … Absurd.

It’s considered but not worked on yet due to the less amount of current events.

Yes, I was about to make a post about this, but then found yours.

With the Sand Empire event epic hero tokens could be used for a chance at event heroes. This was great! Now with the Guardians event it went back to the old system of epic hero tokens only getting the normal heroes.

I’ve noticed in the past two months that there have been more 9750 gem offers where you get 20 epic hero and 20 epic troop tokens, along with some ascension items.

If SGG is looking to sell people these large offers I think it makes sense for the epic hero tokens to always be able to get the event heroes too. I think more people would be willing to spend money on them.

Just my two cents.



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It’s because event summon replaced epic hero summon. They can do the same for all events. Simple fix, no need for new token type.


Yeah I saw that and it was great!

Hopefully it becomes the norm for all events.


Is it OK if I bump this one? I really don’t understand why event summons must be forced p2w only and doesn’t support f2p or c2p at all. This would make a lot of players very happy.

As a c2p, I find I have no excitement on receiving an epic hero token and I am so uninterested in the seasonal hero’s that I don’t bother and just burn it on epic hero summon in order to get a 3 star for food.

I have all TC20 5stars and most of season event 5stars already except the rabbits but i dont want them, so now epic hero tokens are totally useless for me, i cant get new heros. Have 38 tokens saved hope that one day i could use it for event summons or atlantis summons when season 3 will be released.
Otherwise these tokens would be only feeders