Epic Hero tokens are crap

3 months have past since I’ve started noting what I pull from epic hero tokens and guess what… 12 tokens spent, 12 3* heroes taken. Am I doing something wrong? Maybe I should use them at specific hour? Spit through my left foot before or something like that? How am I supposed to be attracted to buy those in special offers with diamonds (for example) if I’m getting all the same 3* crap over and over?

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Best use for epic token is at Seasonal Events.


But summon is always RNG.


You’re supposed to be attracted to buy the special offers because most of what you’ll get for them is crap. I am not being flip - this is the underlying psychological mechanism.

Like @jinbatsu, I would suggest waiting for the seasonal events to summon. You may also find it psychologically easier or more satisfying to use many / all of them at once.

Lastly, you should probably read this thread.