Epic Hero Token request

You are able to get a free epic troop token with the recruits challenge but why not have a quest challenge that you can get a free epic hero token rather than waiting on the off chance to get it as a reward on the game .
Just feel would give more a chance to maybe get at least 1 good hero every now and again without spending a fortune . A small gift now and again isn’t going to ruin your income from the game .

Not only that if not more i consider that the current quests are absolutly outdated being a few only worth to do.
I like recruit quest 1 and 2
Gems quest 1 and 2

SG could replace some old quest for new ones. They can add quest with hero token, with more valuable battle items, with adventure packs i dont know things that make you feel it worth

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The monthly challenge events provide at least 1.5 epic hero summons as a reward for completion. If you farm five more coins, that’s 2 summons. Likewise the costume chamber provides another two. And the coming tavern quest will provide more. So that’s five or six on a monthly, guaranteed basis. The only drawback is that you can’t use them for seasonal summons, but you still get chances at challenge event heroes, the current HOTM, costumes, and past HOTMs.

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