Epic hero token question

Can epic hero tokens be used in challenge events to get those heroes or only in the seasonal events

Can i use them in the pirate event or do i need to wait for easter event

You will need to wait for the easter event.


You can use tokens for seasonal summon. That would be Easter, sand empire, return to morlovia and last Christmas event


Basically, EHT are good in Epic portal, Elemental Epic portal, and any portal that replaces the Elemental Epic portal (currently these are the seasonal ones). All others are added in addition to instead of replacing these two, and have their own separate coin mechanism now.

Double check that @nevarmaor

Eht can’t be used in Elemental, just epic.

Seasonal replaces epic, so eht can be used.

Challenge events use the elemental space and require challenge coins rather than eht.


Huh really. I thought it replaced Elemental.

Well, in my defense your honour I have never used the Elemental Epic portal … :grimacing:

Maybe I need new glasses :sunglasses:


Actually with the introduction of S3, and costume chamber with the new currencies EHTs have less and less value. They can only be used for seasonal summons or for extra chances at a wanted HOTM if you want to get the most out of them because using them for the regular S1 epc portal is as good as throwing them out of the window. So i think SG should make them a bit more versatile because most people are just bankig them for Santa or MN.


Can use EHT at bunnies sand Halloween n xmas :+1:

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It took us awhile to gather this info @Dudeious.Maximus
Finally the master at the top of Mt Vesuvius was able to help :joy:


How many times I have wished this were not true? Elemental summons are almost always the most rewarding.

EDIT: The Valhalla summons was pretty nice too.


They should be usable for every portal, but sadly they are not for events, Atlantis and Valhalla.

At least there will be some new bunnies at springvale this year.

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They have better odds, which might explain that :grin:

But yes, just seems a bit mean

And some chickens too…


And a lamb too…
And Lady Woolerton is somewhat great, fast healer.

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Lambs, bunnies, chikas… Ola :partying_face:


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