Epic Hero Token in Quest

Don’t known if this has been mentioned before, just like Recruits 2 quest where there is possibility of getting Epic troop token, there should also be a quest for getting EHT. Balance it out SG

This will happen the next day after the pigs develop wings and fly… EHT are sacred things, God forbid SG just giving them away like candy… people making pulls for free?! What were you thinking about!


If SG could limit EHT to being mission rewards only, I think they would.

As a matter of fact, if they could at least reduce the 5* summon rate for TC20 to match the epic hero summon portal/other portals, I think they would do that too.

Pink Floyd like this element

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Unless it’s POV lol

  • 1 EHT: Level 7
  • 20 Potent Leaves: Level 23

:thinking: :roll_eyes:


Not everybody gets this reward. You “earn” it if you pay for it :wink:


This! So much this! Path of the open wallet :grin::grin::grin:


Yeah they should take-out those 1* and 2* farmable items from the POV rewards… :unamused:

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@hobgunnerz - This discussion should be under the Ideas and Feature Requests category, I believe. :slight_smile:

Edited the thread to be under Ideas & Feature Request. Time to refine the idea and vote on it.

Super cool… 20 votes characters

I have free EHTs in my chest loot from time to time. There are also free ones in the tournament loot sometimes, but it would be cool to have more quests with nice loot.